Online casinos versus land-based casinos. Which is better?


As online casinos are growing more and more, does this mean that land-based casinos have been left behind? Over the recent years, online gambling has become more popular and is enjoyed by millions of people all around the world. There is a high chance that a lot of these people may have never visited a land-based casino due to the convenience of online games. Suppose you want to play in a Malaysian casino. Just type online casino Malaysia on Google and select any of the results to begin playing.

However, online and land-based casinos both have their own pros and cons.

Difference between land-based and online casinos

Gambling goes back all the way to the first existence of the land-based casino. However, with the advancement in technology, the gambling industry also switched to the internet. Despite the huge presence of online casinos, land-based casinos still make a big part of the market and have their own advantages and disadvantages.

Online casinos can be looked at as an online version of the land-based casino. The available technology allows you to play your favourite game online from your home. These games are most often available on all kinds of handheld devices like smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, etc.

Advantages of online gambling


This is the biggest advantage of gambling online. You never have to leave your home. You can simply pick up your mobile device or laptop, log in and start accessing hundreds of casino games at any time. Furthermore, online casinos are open 24/7, so you can go online anytime and anywhere.


A lot of people go for land-based casinos because they are very entertaining. This does not mean that online casinos are lagging behind. As a matter of fact, some users play their favourite games and slots online as a hobby. Online gambling is not only exciting; it also comes with the thrill of winning. However, online games should be about fun and not only about winning money.


Being online from the comfort of your home not only offers you privacy it also allows you to gamble at any time that is suitable for you.

More game choices

Even though land-based casinos have the attraction of architecture, online casinos have more games. Most online casinos have thousands of games which can range from live dealer games, bingo, casino games, horse racing, sports betting as well as arcade games. It is impossible to cater to this variety of games in real casinos.

Better bonus options

Online casinos offer you bonuses which is something you will not find in land-based casinos.

Disadvantages of online casinos

The withdrawal of the money is not instant

Sometimes the games may be rigged.

You do not get to interact with anyone else who is gambling

It causes increased levels of procrastination

Both online and offline gambling options have their own pros and cons. But if you want the comfort of home when playing Blackjack online, go for an online casino.