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Memory Foam vs Pillow Top Mattress: Which Is Right For You?

Sleep is a precious commodity that many people unfortunately are unable to get a lot of because jobs are so demanding. But when you do get the chance to sleep, you take it.

However, what kind of bed are you sleeping on? There are many types of beds, but two of the most popular are memory foam beds and pillow tops. However, which one is better?

Here is a quick guide on memory foam vs pillow top beds and which one would be the best fit for your sleep style when you get the chance to sleep

What Is a Memory Foam Mattress?

A memory foam bed, also called a viscoelastic bed, is a mattress that is made of polyurethane foam. It has the elasticity to conform to different shapes and still be able to bounce back.

It was developed by NASA as a cushioning against vibration and crashes. Will many government applications, it was transferred to civilian use and was used for patients who had to stay bed-ridden for long periods to combat bedsores. TemperPedic then created the first memory foam beds in the 1990s

The Pros and Cons of a Memory Foam Mattress

Because heat activates the memory foam, it can conform to your body with ease. It also reduces movement transference to your partner and they’re especially durable.

However, many memory foam beds are made of chemicals that can be irritants and harmful to people. The modern memory foam beds have developed newer ways to combat these issues though.

What Is a Pillow Top Mattress?

A pillow top bed is a mattress that has an extra layer of padding sewn onto the top of the mattress, the ‘pillow’. The pillow top can be composed of various things such as cotton, down, wool, or even memory foam.

The two main types are regular pillow tops and Euro pillow tops. As the name suggests, it originated in Europe and is the most common type there.

The difference is there are no gaps between the mattress and the pillow top as it is sewn into the mattress, which gives better edge control compared to the regular one. You can find these and more at Dr Snooze Mattresses

The Pros and Cons of a Pillow Top Mattress

There arent many issues with the pillow top other than the fact that they’re not the most durable and you might need to change them every six years or so. They also have movement transfer to your partner which can lead to sleep disruptions.

Memory Foam Vs Pillow Top

Whichever side you stand on in the memory foam vs pillow top debate, one thing is for sure, we all need a bed to lay our heads.

Choose the best one for you today and finally get a good night’s rest. With all the work that needs to be done, you deserve to not think about it for one night. Get some sleep in your cozy bed tonight.

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