Master the skills, it’s easy to choose video conference terminal

In a complete video conferencing system, video conferencing terminal is an indispensable part for a Youth Conference Speaker. However, with the application of the market continues to widen, video conferencing market has become a battle of many manufacturers. In order to be able to gain a firm foothold in the fierce market competition, the manufacturers can be a variety of surprises, which makes the choice of ordinary people more confused. Users in the purchase if you can do “inexpensive”? I hope the following editor proposal can help you.

First of all, users should take into account the system application environment, because the different application environment for the product needs are different. Such as in the field of education, interactive real-time, a large number of rich multimedia courseware delivery capabilities, hypermedia information exchange and other auxiliary functions is the most urgent needs of users; in government applications, good audio and video effects is the primary condition, High-definition screen effect is necessary, because the remote consultation, remote surgery is its core application value; due to the enterprise network environment and video product diversity , Enterprise-class applications in the interoperability of products and the richness of the network interface should be the user’s attention. Users in the purchase process must not blindly focus on the so-called trend, so as not to cause a waste of investment.

Second, for the choice of hardware or software problems, users have to proceed from reality.

Video conference applications are mainly hardware and software video conferencing, video conferencing, network video conferencing and other forms of implementation, the user can according to demand (including the main purpose, user size, cost budget and other information) to select the appropriate application platform.

Hardware video conferencing excellent results, product application stability, high security, but because of the high cost of a one-time investment is high, the life cycle is relatively short. Hardware video conferencing on the network, the application environment threshold is also higher, requiring users to have a fixed conference room, portability and mobility flexibility is poor. Hardware video conferencing only provides audio and video functions, does not provide data collaboration module, can not fully meet the needs of remote conference collaboration sharing, specific users need “custom” services can not be met.

Software video conference effect is excellent, is the industry’s mainstream, to ezTalks as part of the product to achieve full HD 1080P video display. Compared to hardware video conferencing, software video conferencing prices have great advantages, some companies also provide monthly rental model, the price is very prominent.

Software video conferencing with ordinary network to open the application of the application environment is no special requirements, portability and mobility flexibility is very high, there are products through the Ministry of Public Security software security certification, security is guaranteed. Software video conferencing features a comprehensive, in addition to the basic audio and video applications, but also provides display mode conversion, whiteboard, desktop and application sharing, web browsing, file sharing, multimedia file playback, online voting, text communication, conference recording Series of conference collaboration functions, to meet the majority of industry and user applications.

Web video conferencing is a browser-based video conferencing application that meets the simple application of the average user and is often integrated into the solution as a supplement to software videoconferencing. Network video conferencing display and stability are inferior to the hardware video conferencing and software video conferencing, especially large-scale applications prone to slow browser response, can not operate, etc., is not conducive to the smooth flow of the meeting.

Network video conferencing capabilities between the software video conferencing and hardware video conferencing between the audio and video in addition to the general only provide a simple collaboration function, functionality is slightly lacking. Security, browser-based network video conferencing at a disadvantage.

Moreover, the user in the purchase of products to consider the compatibility of equipment. From the perspective of saving investment and maximizing resources, if the user already has a certain communication equipment, then the purchase of video conferencing products to be as far as possible with existing equipment compatible, make full use of existing facilities. As the field of video communications is a more rapid development of the field, frequent replacement of equipment, strong compatibility products for users to upgrade, expand to provide a broader space.

Finally, for the choice of video conferencing terminal products, users have a full brand awareness. Generally speaking, the brand manufacturers of integrated service capabilities, whether in technical support or in a variety of network engineering network experience, spare parts on the scale, are able to provide users with comprehensive services, which in the construction of a certain size The system will be more prominent performance.

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