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Learn Why Pests Are Attracted to your Home

Pests are not just an eyesore; they can be a real nuisance to homeowners. In addition to spreading diseases, some pests are known to cause lots of damage to furniture and even the structures.

Are you having a back-to-back pest infestation and wondering why your home seems to be the target? Have you tried all pest control options but don’t seem to have any success in getting rid of the pests? If yes, then it could be that your home has something that keeps pulling the pests in. Remember, like humans, pests too, are attracted to food, warmth and shelter. When they find these basic needs in your home, then they will creep right in. Unfortunately, pests tend to multiply so fast, that it can become a problem to get rid of them. For this reason, it is highly recommended that you work with a Boston pest control expert to uncover all pest activities and exterminate them from your home – forever. These experts will also offer some tips on how to keep your home pest free.

Here are some of the reasons pests are attracted to your home:

Spilt food

Food spills happen, and shouldn’t be an issue if you clean up right away. However, if you leave behind a bit of the mess, then bugs will creep in – they cannot resist spills. Spills also serve as a feast for ants and cockroaches. So, ensure to do regular clean-ups and don’t forget the hidden areas like behind the refrigerator and stove.


Living creatures, including pests, need water. Damp woods attract termites. Gutters and downspouts with water attract mosquitoes. Dripping faucets attract mice and rats and so on. The remedy is to fix any leaks that act as a water source.

Unused drain

You probably didn’t see this coming, but yes, if you have an unused drain, then you risk attracting drain flies to your home. This is especially true if the drain in question has little water and some organic substances like soap and hair coating the inside. Dormant drains form a slimy layer that offers a perfect breeding ground for drain flies. If you spot these flies in your home, then it’s likely that you have a slow or clogged drain which could lead to a series of other infestations.


Garbage has an unpleasant smell. Yes, it does, but to you, not the pests. In fact, trash is like a siren call for flies. So, instead of leaving the garbage lying around in your home, you should try to contain it. Bag and tightly close all trash, so insects have no way of accessing it. Containing the garbage also helps to keep other pests, like raccoons and mice, away.


Piles of papers that are almost never touched can attract cockroaches and silverfish. So, if you have a home office or a library with stacks of paper, it’s recommended that you put them in plastic bins and seal tightly.


When its cold outside, bugs try to find a cozy home for the winter, and if your home is that place, then they’ll move right in.