Know your rights for slip and fall injury on the ice

Canada witnesses severe and harsh winters. With frequent snowfalls and icy weather, the chances of slip and fall injury on the ice increases. Slip and fall lawyer help you know the right for the compensation for your injuries.

Private owned property or municipal property:

When you suffer from a slip and fall accident on the ice, the first thing you should find out that the property you have fallen is a municipal corporation owned property or privately owned.  This is an important aspect legally as both have different deadlines and both have a different definition of “duty of care” and negligence. You definitely require a bit of expert advice here.

Government Liability for slip and fall accident on snow and ice:

In case if you got injured on a municipal property like a country park or a parking lot, then Ontario’s Municipal Act requires you to give notice to municipal corporation within 10 days of your injury.  Municipalities are not liable for personal injury caused by snow or ice unless it is a gross negligence case. Check whether the practices were adequate in meeting the statuary duty or not. Liability often depends on the fact that the municipality had an earlier notice of the hazardous condition and an opportunity to rectify it or not. You need to go through some administrative hoops here.

Privately owned property:

Privately owned properties have the duty to exercise care and maintain the parking lots or sidewalks and other areas by removing snow and ice. Often they hire plow companies to remove snow and ice on parking lots and sidewalks.  In such cases, the owner or the company hired by the owner has liability for a personal injury claim in case an accident occurs.  The duty of care definition also includes the rectification of anticipated hazardous condition due to snow and ice in the future to reduce the chances of an accident.

The public should be aware:

The general public should also know their duty to exercise reasonable care while walking on pathways. You are expected to know the areas which will be snowy and icy. Own negligence may play an important factor in compensation.

Claim for your damages:

Claim for the cost of the past and future medical bills. Also, recover the loss of the wages. Demonstrate the lost wages and the expenses of the doctor appointment. You should also calculate the pain and suffering cost and the cost of the loss of extracurricular activities.

Hire an attorney:

You need to seek advice from Rockford Personal Injury Attorney We are a team of experienced lawyers who are expert in a filing a lawsuit. Professional advice from the lawyer will help you in getting the best compensation that you rightly deserve.