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Keeping Bathtub Enclosures Looking New

That New Tub Shine

If you’ve gone through the trouble of installing new Bathtub Enclosures, you’re probably wondering what you can do to make that new sheen permanent. While regular cleaning is a must, there’s one step you can take annually to keep your enclosure shining like new. 

Waxing Isn’t Just for Your Car

Making your car look its best isn’t going to happen without a good waxing. The same holds true for your tub and shower. In fact, many owner’s manuals recommend polishing your tub at least annually. Bathtub Enclosures have different recommendations for what type of wax to use—paste or liquid—so make sure to consult your manual.

A Clean Start

Owner’s manuals also provide guidance on how best to clean your tub. You probably already know not to use abrasive materials or hard brushes, but did you also know that many manuals recommend avoiding aerosol cleaners? If you want to keep that new enclosure shine, then you’ll want to avoid introducing new scratches.

Speaking of scratches, they’re the culprits that make Bathtub Enclosures look dull. More specifically, it’s the dirt that gets caught in those scratches. That’s why you’ll want to start with a thorough cleaning before applying any wax. Use an approved cleaner and a soft rag, such as a microfiber cloth, and clean out those scratches as best you can.

Buff It Out

After cleaning, you might consider buffing your tub—especially if you’re seeing a lot of scratches. To buff your Bathtub Enclosures, look to the automotive industry yet again. Pick up a rubbing compound along with your wax. Apply the compound with a soft cloth and a circular motion. If you are using a rotary tool or a buffer, make sure to not hold the tool in one place for too long. While acrylic tubs and enclosures have the same color throughout, fiberglass units do not; you can easily wear through the thin finish, revealing the dark underside. A light buffing is all you need, so don’t linger on any one space too long.

Time to Shine

With a clean and buffed Bathtub Enclosure, you’re ready for the wax. If you’ve ever waxed your car, then you already know what to do. Apply the wax then remove it following the manufacturer’s instructions. The one exception is to not cover the entire tub—stay away from the floor! Waxing the floor of your bath or shower creates a dangerously slippery surface. Keep to the sides and walls. If you absolutely have to polish the floor, use a rubber safety mat.

A little wax on your Bathtub Enclosures will keep them looking new for years to come.