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How to Prepare for a Long-Distance Move: An Informative Guide

Around 18% of people moving house in the US either move out of state or to a different country. If you are part of the 18% then you might be in the minority but you’re also not alone.

Embarking on a long-distance move can be exciting and feel like a great adventure. But it can also be scary and stressful. Figuring out how to prepare for a move across the county is hard enough but you will have even more paperwork and emotions to deal with.

Don’t worry! If you follow these long-distance moving and packing tips, you will feel much more prepared for this next chapter in your life. Read on to discover what they are.

Organize Your Paperwork Early

Anyone who is moving house has a lot to organize but your stack of paperwork might be even higher. It’s best to take care of it ASAP in case you need to get documents sent to your current address. You can also plan your budget better and experience less stress when you complete tasks early.

Here are some things you might need to add to your moving checklist:

  • Call a moving company
  • Book temporary storage
  • Open new bank accounts
  • Apply for new driver’s licenses
  • Sell your house
  • Buy or rent a new house

If you are moving abroad, you might also need to organize passports and visas too.

Get Rid of Most of Your Belongings

Want to know the cheap way to move long-distance and pack for a move? Get rid of 90% of your stuff.

Not only will you save on moving costs but you will also save yourself the stress of having to pack everything. It’s also unlikely that the furniture you have now will fit or suit the style of your new home. Use this long-distance move as a chance to start over.

Throw a Going-Away Party

A long-distance move often means you won’t be seeing your friends and family as often as you do now. Say goodbye to them by throwing a going-away party.

It doesn’t need to be anything fancy. Order pizzas, buy a Bluetooth speaker, and ask everyone to bring a chair if you’ve packed/donated yours. Don’t forget to take pictures with everyone so you can look at them when you feel homesick.

Start Learning About the Culture

Your physical self and your emotional self need to be ready for this long-distance move. One way to do this is to start learning about the culture of your new city.

If you are moving abroad, start learning the native language and read local news sites. Even if you are only moving across the country, watch movies and read books set in that place. It will help you get excited about your adventure and feel less nervous.

Ready to Embark On Your Long-Distance Move?

Planning a long-distance move can be stressful, but it can also be exciting. Now you have these tips, you will know how to navigate this huge turning point in your life so that it doesn’t feel too overwhelming.

Whether you’re figuring out how to move across town or the globe, it can be expensive. It’s a good idea to have your finances in order first. Browse our finance articles for tips and tricks to help you out!