How to get the best legal assistance in affordable price?

Anyone over 18 can file a lawsuit and there are no income restrictions. But it is necessary to be a physical person, microenterprise, small business or a Civil Society Organization of Public Interest. The most common conflicts involve money lending, vehicle crashes in which the culprit does not want to take payment, problems with delivery of merchandise that has already been paid, non-payment of some debt and the name unfairly denied. It is worth knowing that the JEC does not deal with certain causes, such as labor, family (for example, separation), inheritance and inventory, etc.

Documents required for service at the Special Civil Court

The service is done on a first-come, first-served basis, with the distribution of passwords. To file a lawsuit with the Special Civil Court you must file an Initial Petition. Submit all the documents proving your complaint! Contracts, receipts and invoices are some examples. If you have witnesses, remember to pick up the data from all of them.

Public Defender’s Office

Having access to a lawyer for free is a right defined by law, especially for those who do not have income to afford this service. For this reason, the Public Defender’s Office makes available the public lawyers who have offered a specific competition for this area. The service is not always as personal as it would be if you hired a lawyer, but these professionals of the Public Defender are extremely competent, and the competition they provide is very competitive.

And, because it is a very sought after service, it is necessary to have patience mainly in the care. On the day of screening, for example, cases are evaluated individually and those with greater urgency will be expedited. And so the queue is so big. Also, the action usually takes longer to complete. “The lawsuits, when carried out by the defendant, take twice as long to present the defense. So, if you are being charged a debt by the bank, and you decide to look for a public defender, do not despair of the date of the process, as the deadline for submission of the defense will be automatically doubled.

Who has the right to a Public Defender’s Office?

If you need legal guidance, file a lawsuit or a defense in a lawsuit. You can also seek the criminal defense lawyers from Melbourne legal assistance in cases of out-of-court settlements, which are conciliations with a lawyer registered in the Notary’s Office, but without filing a lawsuit.

Examples of cases that the Office of the Public Defender

Requests for adoption or guardianship, application of the legally drafted Law, probation, reparation of moral damages. Important! The Public Defender does not answer labor lawsuits or proceedings related to social security, as these are the responsibility of the Labor Court or the Federal Court. In this case, you need to seek the Office of the Public Defender of the Union or the union of your category to obtain legal assistance.