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Frame Your Flowers: Six Beautiful Garden Border Ideas

Gardens are growing on Americans. The green industry saw an 8% increase in sales for plant and landscape items between the first six months of 2019 and the first six months of 2020. With more time at home, Americans are becoming more interested in growing their own plants.

But you can’t just go into your backyard and start laying seeds in the ground. You need to protect your seeds from insects and floods. An easy one to do that is to try out one of many garden border ideas.

How can you construct borders for your garden out of plants? What colors and textures can you add to your garden using borders? What are some cheap ideas you can find?

Answer these questions and you can create a truly beautiful garden. Here is your quick guide.

  1. Make a Border of Flowers

If you want a small garden border, you can make one out of flowers. You can grow very big flowers around your garden edges. Their leaves and vines can interweave with each other to create a thick wall.

You can also make a raised garden border with a high flower bed. Make sure you use thick paver stones so the mulch for the flowers doesn’t spill over into your garden.

  1. Rely on Natural Rocks

One of the most inexpensive garden edging ideas is to use natural rocks. Rocks are big and sturdy objects, and they add an earthy aesthetic to your garden.

If you have large rocks already in your backyard, you can move them with a wheelbarrow to the edges. You can also take rocks from a neighbor and spread them out.

  1. Create Brick Edging

If you’re looking for low-maintenance garden border ideas, you can try using bricks. Bricks endure the rain and wind better than rocks do, so you won’t have to replace them as often. You can make a small border using half bricks, or you can embed whole bricks in the ground.

  1. Weave Sticks Together

Weaving sticks together requires a little work, but it adds a rustic element to your garden. Find some willow and forsythia sticks as well as some hardwood stakes. Tie the sticks around the stakes and use string to reinforce them and create corners.

  1. Stick Some Large Seashells in the Ground

The cooler colors of large seashells form a striking contrast when placed against green leaves and vibrant flowers. Try to collect a few dozen seashells. You can then dig holes in the soil and slide the shells into them, though you should not be careful not to break them.

  1. Use Bowling Balls

Bowling ball borders are uncommon, but the balls can offer bold colors to the edges of your garden. You can buy used bowling balls online and then place them in your garden facing toward a stone walkway.

Make sure to use proper mowing techniques around your balls so you don’t chip them with your lawnmower. Mow your grass while pushing your mower away from the balls.

Find the Best Garden Border Ideas

You should explore several different garden border ideas. You can make an easy border out of big flowers or natural rocks. Bricks are another simple idea, though you need to spend time laying the bricks out.

If you want to add a rustic flair to your garden, you can weave some flexible sticks and branches together. You can also take large seashells from the beach and stick them in your soil. If you’re looking for something bold, find a few bowling balls.

Borders are just one component of garden design. Read more gardening guides by following our coverage.