FOD Removal Services for your Manufacturing Plant

When left unattended for long periods, FOD may cause serious injury to employees, factory workers, and passengers. FOD is a grave concern in any manufacturing environment where quality and safety standards requires that all equipment should be stored properly or maintained to avoid falling apart at any moment.

FOD (Foreign object debris) is a safety hazard experienced in most industries. Key among them is the manufacturing environment, where loose objects, small debris, and stray humans may cause damage to equipment, injuries, and production delays. Foreign object debris/damage is any particle or substance that is a potential obstacle in the manufacturing environment; it could either contaminate products or compromise manufacturing quality standards.

Examples of FOD include:

  • Tools, and loose hardware parts
  • Building materials
  • Particles of broken pavement
  • Beverage containers, food wrappers
  • Helmets, gloves, and rags

Our Removal Services

We provide FOD removal services at competitive costs. Once we visit your premises, we first take a tour to determine the extent of damage caused and what kind of personnel and equipment is required for the removal of the debris. We ensure that our cleaning staff adheres to all the safety standards according to OSHA guidelines. Our core sweep program is useful because we apply the following cleaning and maintenance techniques:

  • Magnetic bars
  • Sweeping
  • FOD containers


We do this manually or with a large surface sweeper, which is quite handy and efficient in the removal of FOD on the sides in deep cracks, and corners in the manufacturing space.

Magnetic Bars

These blocks can be balanced under the trucks to pick up loose metallic objects. We also ensure that the blocks are frequently cleaned to stop them from dropping debris during our routine cleaning. We also inspect the vehicles used to carry the bars to avoid loose items from falling off. Trucks operating on manufacturing plants should also undergo periodic inspection to ensure that they do not hold any loose items that can drop off.

FOD Containers

We place containers at all exits for debris the collection during FOD removal cleaning. Our cleaning staff also wears protective gear and pouches to throw the collected dirt. Our cleaning personnel also wear waist bags to collect debris.

Our efficient FOD removal methods will substantially reduce unwanted dirt in your manufacturing premises. We leave no chance to potential injury to your factory personnel. Remember, it is extremely vital to regularly check your environment to avoid massive losses in the long run. You can reach us through a phone call, and our customer support will take you through our FOD removal process and produce a quotation upon your request. If you find small components trapped inside your manufacturing equipment, or cracks filled with debris and tiny particles, you know it is time to let the experts eradicate your entire surface area. Contact us for complete removal of FOD.