Environment Technology We Find in Every Recent Mazda Car

Mazda is a name that has earned trust of people across the nations for leading the automotive industry towards the right destination for decades. At the current scenario where environment is threatened by all means because of the human population and their intrusion to natural resources, the first industry that gets the blame is automobile. It is because of the pollution it has created for ages, the natural resources it has emptied and the way it has crowded the roads. But time cannot travel back, and people still need a medium of transport at every step.

So here are the solutions we got to know from the Phoenix Mazda experts that Mazda has come up with not only to save the environment but also to preserve the natural resources as much as possible.

Reduce CO2 Emissions

To achieve a major cut in the greenhouse gases, Mazda wanted to reduce the amount of CO2 emissions that are still prevalent through the entire life cycle of a vehicle. Hence Mazda moved ahead with the concept of “tank-to-wheel” solutions, that keep monitoring the CO2 emissions whenever the car is moving. From the inputs it takes further steps to reduce the CO2. This process is named by Mazda as “well-to-wheel”, in which the system considers the amount of fuel manufacture, extraction and shipping.

Mazda is now all set to take up a “multi-solution” approach to enable the most appropriate powertrains in is cars that will consider the energy situation and mix of each region to invent the best possible energy solution for each model they release.

SKYACTIV Technology

SKYACTIV Technology is the term for Mazda’s own innovative series of new-generation technologies that are developed to fulfill the long-term vision of the brand to attained heightened driving pleasure that will also achieve outstanding environmental benefits and safety performance ratio.

Electric Vehicles

Mazda is one of the leading manufacturers in the automobile industry to release high-end, capable and energy efficient electric vehicles. The aim of Mazda behind making such Electric vehicles is to offer its customers a better solution for driving, that will also enhance the fun-to-drive experience while being completely environment friendly and safe. The Mazda Demio EV is the best example of Mazda endeavor that offers a driving range of 200 km.

Hydrogen Vehicles

Taking a step further from producing electric vehicles, Mazda has also invented the hydrogen rotary engine, to run a handful of Hydrogen models. These vehicles are based on Mazda’s unique rotary engine technology in which hydrogen is used as its fuel. These vehicles will emit no CO2 while offering extraordinary environmental performance.

Recycling of Vehicles

At the Mazda dealership near Phoenix, we were shown how actively Mazda participates in making the planet greener and reducing the polluting habits of the automotive industry by recycling different automobile parts, especially the plastic. For this, Mazda has created a bumper-to-bumper recycling technology to recycle large plastic parts. With this technology Mazda reuses the damaged bumpers as the raw material for manufacturing new bumpers.