Could Mobile Gaming Replace Dedicated Consoles?

There has been a big shift in recent years as mobile gaming has become the proffered platform for many gamers – with changing attitudes toward gaming and a changing demographic as previously untapped audience find themselves more involved on the mobile platform than even some dedicated console players, it raises the question – can mobile gaming replace dedicated consoles in the near future? Although mobile gaming largely still remains a little limited as the most popular genres are typically simpler such as the rise in online casinos like these despite adjustments to regulation and initiatives like Gamstop, but things are changing as more complex titles become available, but there could be more that shifts the balance.

Whilst this change may be nowhere close as this holiday seasons so the release of the latest generation of dedicated consoles in the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation 5, with the latter already becoming one of the biggest sellers beating out its predecessor in the PS4, isn’t to say that change can’t come in the future. The handheld gaming market used to be very big with platforms like the Gameboy and PlayStation Portable, but now the only remaining contender is within the Nintendo Switch which whilst still a great console in itself and the bestselling console of all time, is also starting to date itself.

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Consoles have a typically quite long-life expectancy too with the previous gen lasting for around eight years, that does provide the mobile platform with a lot of time to catch up and develop new hardware strategies for not only running more. Complex and difficult games but to also make a mark in. the gaming scene for other features that have come to be expected such as multiplayer and an esports scene – if mobile is able to bridge this gap quickly enough, then there certainly can be an argument made.

The current state of gaming and game releases could also have an impact here too – the past few years have seen a long string of large budget triple A titles release perhaps too early and too incomplete with pre-ordering and pre-purchasing becoming a big plague in the gaming community – the latest of these coming in Cyberpunk 2077 which although rated as a great game has shown once again the problem with developers hoping to over deliver and releasing too early, despite the long days experienced – for many it is leaving a sour taste in the mouth, and hopes for an alternative.

In the short term, the answer to the question is likely not really – but in the long term, it becomes a much different conversation. If mobile is able to grow and capitalise on the failings in the market like it was able to do with the handheld market, there’s no reason to suggest that dedicated gaming platforms like consoles won’t be next on the hit list, particularly as more complex games become available and more dedicated hardware becomes developed for the next generation of mobile devices.