Chrysler fuel conservation tips

Fueling your Chrysler doesn’t have to cause a financial crisis if you follow a few tips and tricks. By so doing, you can save lots of fuel and enjoy a fat bank balance. Here are some easy tips you can follow to save fuel and maintenance cost.

Slow down 
Slowing down is a way to cut down your fueling costs. According to Indianapolis Chrysler experts, any extra mile per hour beyond 60 mph lowers your fuel economy by a staggering 7 percent.

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Ensure the tire has the right pressure 
If you drive with under-inflated tires, you experience a rolling resistance. This leads to more fuel burning compared to when the tires are fully inflated. If you are not sure about the amount of pressure that your Chryslers tires require, you can check the manufacturer’s manual. You can also use the Pressure monitoring system if your Chrysler model has one. Some models such as Federal Motor Vehicle have an inflation standard sticker on the driver’s side of the door.

Drive consistently
Just like the trucks do, consider keeping a consistent speed constant slowing down and over speeding is known to reduce the fuel economy. Make use of the cruise control whenever there is a chance.

Be careful when accelerating 
Very fast acceleration wastes fuel. As such, modest acceleration is recommended to ensure that the transmission system shifts to higher gears smoothly. Motor vehicle experts estimate that rapid acceleration and braking leads to a 33 percent increase in gas mileage when done on the highway and 5 percent on the city roads.

Cut down the idling 
When the car is idling, it is spending the fuel while covering zero distance. If you are to stay on one point for some time, consider turning off the engine and restart it when you are ready to move.

Follow the OEM specifications when buying tires 
It is not just any tires that will work with your Chrysler. Consider checking the owner’s manual or the OEM specifications when purchasing them. The wrong kind of tires will create resistance and increase the fuel consumption.

Ensure that the car is well-maintained 
Smooth running of the engine depends on the maintenance of the vehicle. Take your car for servicing from time to time to ensure that it is always performing in the best way possible. Also, ensure that you do not buy a very old Chrysler model for it might not be fuel-efficient. You can find several Indianapolis Chrysler dealers that have well-served pre-owned cars and new cars too.

Plan your day in advance 
Plan your trips well in advance. Group close destinations together so that you cut down on long trips to each destination. This helps you cut the fuel consumption due to numerous short distance trips.
You can save that extra dollar by following the fuel conservation techniques outlined above.