Choosing Your Perfect Gaming System

Although the holiday season is over, there’s no reason not to invest in a new hobby for yourself particularly as if it seems that new availability for the newest console offerings from both Sony and Microsoft may be readily available once again, and as gaming as a whole look to move from strength to strength the interest in choosing the right system for your own needs is certainly increasing. With what is currently available, what do each offer, and how do they stack up against one another?

PC Gaming – Although often considered the most expensive of the dedicated gaming systems, it does also offer the most versatility, and most important to some is that it has become the home of esports as the biggest games in the world all take place on the PC platform, and this past year in particular has seen interest here rise as the emergence of esports betting at and the introduction of more familiar titles has widened the market. Buying either prebuild or building yourself has its own merits, although a little more expense is required to be able to play the newest titles on release – but there are also much bigger platforms that allow for gaming availability to be much cheaper than other platforms.

Dedicated consoles – The Xbox and Playstation new releases were able to sell extremely well over the holiday period, and with new stock set to become available in the coming months there will be renewed excitement for these consoles. They always share the benefit of being able to play newer titles on release throughout their lifecycle, and the familiarity is key too, whilst also being very affordable – although do suffer the setback that new games are still very expensive, and the cost over time mounts up much higher than on other platforms, particularly when factoring in replacing peripherals such as controllers for example where needed.

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Mobile gaming – The most popular of the three, by far, capturing a huge part of the gaming market and of course the most familiar to many – the unique factor attributed to mobile gaming is within the overall lack of cost compared to the other platforms – games are typically very cheap, if not free, and since a mobile phone typically isn’t purchased solely for the thought of playing games, the cost is diluted somewhat further too. Whilst the big triple A titles and more complex games aren’t available here, many believe that is certainly on the way as devices become more powerful with new hardware and more support, mobile gaming certainly could be the future of gaming as a whole.