Choosing the right drilling machine for you!

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At this time, the drilling machine had the equipment that every household needed. For it, it’s good for us to understand this drilling machine so that we can sort drilling machines that are right for your needs. You can visit “” to find relevant information

In the work of making holes in the cubicle for nails or screws, the drilling machine can not be separated from its role in responding to our needs. For your information, not all drilling machines are worth the type of material of the item you want to punch.

Universally, drilling machines are broken down into 2 types: ordinary drilling machines and impact drill machines.

Ordinary / Standard Drilling Machines are drilling machines that can be used for wood and iron modules. Also, make sure before you drill if the drill bit is worth the module of the item.

Impact Drilling Machines are drilling machines for wood, iron and concrete modules. On this machine, there is a bonus button for controlling the settings of the electric motor in the drill machine. There are settings for ordinary drilling for wood & amps, iron modules and impact energy drilling for concrete modules.

By recognizing this comparison, we can buy the right drilling machine. If only for the work of punching holes in wood and iron modules, that’s not bad with an ordinary drilling machine. But if there is concrete that must be perforated, it must be an impact drilling machine.

The advantages of ordinary/standard drilling machines are in terms of lower prices compared to impact drilling machines.

The advantages of impact drilling machines are in the terms of electric motor expertise and over in certain brands, other features are added such as regulating the rotation speed of the drill bit and also regulating the direction of rotation of the electric motor. With the rotation speed feature, we can control the efficiency and usability of drilling. With the rotation direction feature, the drilling machine can also be used to tighten or loosen screws and bolts. So that the use of drilling machines increases.

In line with the increase in the expertise of electric motors and bonus features also have an impact on the high price of these drilling machines.

Also make sure the completeness of the drilling machine, for example measuring rod hole depth gauge, bonus handle and the shape of the drilling machine. This matter Affects comfort in the operation of the drilling machine. Continue to be safe in the hand, we also continue to be not easily tired at work.

No less means the election of the drill bit. Make sure the drill bit used is worth the material to be perforated. On the market, various types of drill bits are worth the type of material. To recognize the types of drill bits.