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Chimney Sweeps Mobile AL: How Often Does Your Home Need One?

Mop the floors. Check. Dust the shelves and cabinets; check. Deep-clean the bathroom. Check. Home cleanliness lists usually run long in every American household. However, what’s strange is that one fixture that almost always sits on the backburner is the chimney, perhaps because it’s located outside – out of sight, out of mind? Is that the case with you too?

But, chimney sweeps in Mobile, AL, are indispensable to not just the cleanliness of your household but also the well-being of its members. Unfortunately, carbon mono-oxide poisoning through chimney ducts is actual; this family paid for their ignorance with their lives!

If you are a resident of Mobile, Alabama, who has been sitting on the fence regarding chimney sweeps for quite some time now, this guide will help you decide if it is time for a chimney clean. So let’s dive into it right away.

Why Periodic Cleaning of the Chimney is a Must

According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), one of the leading causes of home heating fires is the failure to clean the chimney! The actual culprit is creosote, a substance that builds up inside the chimney and is highly flammable.

Besides the fires, you need to have your chimney cleaned periodically to prevent blockages that naturally develop over time. These blockages lead to the carbon mono-oxide poisoning mentioned above. So, ensure you have your chimney cleaned regularly.

How Often is a Chimney Sweep Necessary?

The next question that naturally pops up is how often the chimney is supposed to be cleaned. According to the Chimney Safe Institute of America (CSIA), a chimney clean is long overdue once the chimney liner features 1/8″ of creosote or soot build-up.

Choose reliable and reputed chimney sweeps in Mobile, AL, and they will tell you whether it’s time for a chimney clean. The general rule is to have your fireplace deep-cleaned at least once yearly.

When the experts are inspecting your chimney, they might find different kinds of damage, including –

  • Moisture damage, which, if left unresolved, will lead to expensive repairs
  • A crack in the flue lining, which is usually detected through chimney sweeps’ special equipment
  • Defective stove systems – a problem that could spiral into carbon mono-oxide poisoning

What if the Chimney is Rarely Used?

Whether you use your chimney frequently or once in a blue moon, it is still essential to get it cleaned once a year. In any case, at least get it inspected annually to ensure there are no defects or compromised components as they pose the threat of fire hazards and carbon mono-oxide poisoning.

Moreover, if you suspect signs of deterioration before the annual check-up, call chimney sweep experts right away for an inspection!

The Bottom Line

Besides serving as the focal point of your living space, chimneys also help lower utility bills, are an asset, and offer much-needed light and heat in case of a power outage. The simple chimney sweeps in Mobile, AL inspection annually will keep them going strong for years on end.

Not to mention it will safeguard the well-being of those living inside. So, if you feel like a chimney cleaning is long overdue, call the experts. But, even if there are doubts, stay on the safe side by opting for a chimney inspection!