Buying Guide to a Good Men’s Support Underwear

Buying underwear is something most people think is easy. Since it’s something not seen by everyone, they tend to get the first thing they find on the rack. But they only realise it was the wrong one when they start feeling very uncomfortable wearing it during the day. Whether you’re buying men’s support underwear or boxer briefs, it is wise to learn the essential factors to look out for during the selection process.

Three elements to watch out for

Some factors must not be disregarded when looking for good underwear, and these factors include colour, comfort, and style.


The size, fabric, and weather are the aspects that will dictate whether or not the underwear is comfortable enough for you. 


Like in any other clothing, the underwear comes in different sizes. Most manufacturers usually come out with regular waist size. Every brand has a unique sizing. The best way to familiarise the size is to buy one or two pairs first. This allows you to assess which one feels more comfortable with before buying a couple. You can ask for their size chart during the first buy as this will have comprehensive information than just speaking to a sales clerk. They can give you estimates, but with a size chart, you’ll get the exact measurement of the waist. Once you’ve already found the right measurement and you have already tried the size, then you can fill up your drawer with that particular underwear. 


One of the most challenging elements when searching for men’s support underwear is to pick the style with a suitable fabric. Even if it may appear too much, men’s underpants also come in various materials. Some of them use Lycra, nylon, cotton, Spandex, and silk. The decision will rely on your preference and what your activities will be when you wear them. An excellent example is if you’re about to sleep, briefs made of silk are a good choice. They are light and breathable. 

On the other hand, you can go for those made of cotton for everyday use as they provide ultimate comfort long enough to last an entire day. If you’re going for strenuous activities, go for the style with Spandex or Lycra. They have good support and snug enough to your waist.


It may sound far fetched, but the weather significantly affects your decision when you’re looking for the right underwear. During hot or warm climates, men must use those made of cotton, while in the cold season, they can go for wool blends. Anybody is sensitive to its surroundings, a thick layer of clothing, just like briefs, can keep them warm during winter. During the summer, wearing something wool blend will surely make them feel sweaty and uncomfortable. Thus, cotton underwear is the best. 


Men are just like women when it comes to underwear styles. They can choose from boxes, boxer briefs, briefs, or thongs. Depending on their outfit of the day, guys love to mix and match them. When wearing skinny jeans, some would go for thongs or low-rise briefs. While on formal occasions, men would surely go for traditional briefs. Boxers or boxer briefs are mostly worn at night or when they’re at home. They find it comfy to wear in their sleep.

Underwear is an essential part of an outfit that is always hidden. But just because briefs are hardly seen doesn’t mean they don’t deserve the same attention as those when buying a shirt or shoes. Like any other clothes, they have to be comfortable and breathable to the person wearing it. So, don’t take it for granted when you’re shopping for the right underwear.