Blown Away: Is The Revolutionary Car Wash Dryer Worth The Hype?

Recently, car enthusiasts have found a better way to keep their beloved cars spotless and still flawless. We all know that car washing itself can tarnish the flawlessness of the car. It can acquire light scratches marks, spots and couldn’t remove all debris all at once. With the entry of car blowers or car dryers in the market, it intrigued many people. This article is to further educate you on the functions and advantages of owning a car dryer. So, let the facts blow you away!

How is a car wash dryer built?

Well, if we hear the word ‘dryer’, we can visualize a machine that helps evaporate water through heat. Their designs and sizes vary depending on their function and specifications. Like the BLO Car Dryer, it is considered one of the car dryers with a very lightweight and efficient design. Varieties of designs are available for every role. There’s a compact one (AIR-S), a heavy-duty one (AIR-GT) and their safest that has the touchless function (AIR-RS). They prioritized consumers’ practicality by making their hoses almost 5 meters to move around their vehicle quickly.

To further widen your knowledge about this, we will impart three things that are necessary when it comes to choosing the best car wash dryer for your own car or even for commercial use:

  • Not all car dryers are big and bulky: As mentioned, an example is the BLO Car Dryer. It has varieties suited to each model’s specifications and function. It is ideal for residential kind of car drying. While for commercials, it is better if you get a bigger unit. Although always remember that you shouldn’t sacrifice the machine’s function to get a smaller one. 
  • “If I want a fast-drying blower, I should choose something that has a high horsepower: Horsepower is not necessarily relative to the ability of the machine to dry the car easily, for this is said to be not energy efficient.
  • It will be noisy to use: This is the main issue for some users, especially those who are just using the machine at home and the noise can disturb their neighbours. So, It is strongly suggested to research very well in choosing the right unit. There’s no such thing as a quiet blower, but there’ll always be quieter than the other. 

Air Drying is still more efficient

A devoted car person would know that air drying is doing you more harm than good. The water that is being used in car washes isn’t ensured to be clean at all times. It may contain minerals and small organisms that we don’t even notice. And these minerals get left behind on the car’s surface and leave a residue that won’t be evaporated in the air immediately. This commonly happens in dark-coloured cars. The marks, spots and deposits left can tarnish the flawlessness of the car’s surface and paint quality. The liquid may not be there anymore, but it surely left a mark. Negative effects of air drying may not be obvious in one wash, but as calcium and other kinds of minerals build up on your car’s surface, it’ll develop damages for sure.