Benefits of Playing Online

Prepare to be presented with the history, useful advice, and the benefits of playing online casino. The experience cannot be the same as the land-based casinos, but if you try, we guarantee you won’t regret it.

History of Online Casinos

Do you share the dilemma on whether to engage in online casino games or continue going to land-based casinos? It’s only natural to have some reservations regarding the whole online gambling world.

In land-based casinos, we all feel the vibes and the atmosphere of a genuine Vegas-like experience. We can see the chips, the video slots machines, feel the cards, etc. This is tempting and assuring that the prize is just a few steps away.

 But, what happens when you feel lucky, but the trip to Vegas or Atlantic City isn’t possible?

Well, luckily, you are not the first one with this question. Namely, some brilliant people from the company, Microgaming, realized the potential magnitude of the online casino market.

Therefore, in 1994, the first software for online games emerged. Naturally, in comparison with today’s standards, the software was inferior and outdated, but back in the day, this project was considered as a revolutionary one.

Here is a fun fact — the first real money wager happened in 1996, at InterCasino. This online establishment had 18 games in total. This casino had bloomed since, and exists today, leading an incredibly successful business.

Furthermore, as the online gambling industry emerged, they had some problems with the laws and licenses. The first license to be issued was in Antigua and Barbuda, in 1994.

The first online jackpot was launched in 1998, also by the Microgaming software creators, naming it “Cash Splash.” You can play it even today.

The Benefits

The online casino gaming experience has its charms. First of all, you don’t have to drive to the casino of your preference or wait for your turn on your favorite lucky machine. The availability of gambling this way is enormous. The only two things you need are an Internet connection and a working device.

We consider the option to play pressure-free at the comfort of your home, anytime you like, to be the best one yet. When we say pressure-fee, we mean that there is no loud interference from the adjacent player. You don’t have to make a poker face or try and read your opponent. Your screen is your bluff; no psychological tricks are necessary.

Another great benefit is the demo versions, or play for free features you can use if you want to practice your skills a bit more. You cannot find such things in a land casino, the only free thing there is the drinks. But it is free as long as you gamble.

This just may be the best benefit of them all — the online casino bonuses. Namely, every decent casino is offering them to users. Starting from welcoming bonuses, to weekly promotions, such as BoVegas Casino codes, and the progressive jackpots on certain games…

How to Pick the Proper Online Casino

Since the popularity of online gaming has increased over the years, and is still expanding, many casinos opened their digital doors to the world. Among them, we can find some secure and responsible establishments, but also some rogue casinos, trying to double-cross their users.

Is this a reason to be skeptical towards the idea of gambling on your devices? Absolutely not, if you follow our pieces of advice. It’s all just a matter of choosing the right and respectable casino for yourself.

There are a couple of things you should consider when browsing for the best one. First of all, once you find yourself on a casino website, go to their terms and conditions straight away. If you detect anything slightly confusing or impossible to interpret, try to contact their customer support. Some of the casinos have 24/7 live support, and if not, you should be able to reach them via email.

If they are taking more than 1–2 days to respond, or the operator gave you more questions than reliable answers, you should cross that casino of your desirable list — plenty of fish in the sea. If the interaction with their users or potential users turned out to be bad, they don’t deserve your time or money.

Also, search to find the feedback of the casino’s payout methods, because some blacklisted and rogue casinos had a history of avoiding payment to the winning players.

You can always do a quick browser search for the online casino, and read the reviews and the other users experiences to decide what to do next. It’s still better to learn on other people’s mistakes than to make ones yourself.

As long as you approach online gambling with caution, the only thing that can go wrong is the absence of luck. But, then again, no one can guarantee the outcome of the games of fortune. Just make sure that you gamble responsibly, and enjoy every single minute of it.