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7 Highly Effective Home Storage Ideas

Did you know clutter can make you feel anxious and disorganized? Begin getting rid of all the clutter in your home by adding more storage space. If you need some home storage ideas, keep reading.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to move from a cluttered house to one that’s well-organized and functional. Try putting containers under your bed or investing in loft storage space.

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  1. Start Using the Space Above Doors

You might have easily missed this underutilized space: the area above your doors. You could look into installing shelving or cabinets above the door. You’ll become surprised by how the space often gets neglected.

  1. Use Your Loft

Have you neglected your attic or loft area? Try using this area for extra storage space.

Some people will even transform their attic or loft into another usable space. You should look at insulating a loft first. 

  1. What About Wall-to-Wall Shelving?

Is there a spare wall in your home that you could turn into a shelving area?

You can put up your beautiful, sprawling plants or favorite collection of books. Have fun transforming your wall into an aesthetically-pleasing wall-to-wall storage space.

Keep the clutter well-organized. Your living space will appear airy and open.

  1. Use Benches and Baskets

You can tuck a bench at your entryway. There, sneak in a few baskets below where you can store shoes or bags.

Your entryway will look neat yet remain accessible.

  1. Crafters Should Use a Peg Board

Are you a crafty kind of person? Put up a pegboard on your wall. You can keep your colorful pens, paper, and other crafting supplies within reach. You won’t need to keep them on your desk.

People who have a home office will benefit from a pegboard as well. Place inspirational quotes on it and essential meeting reminders.

  1. Try Using Aesthetic Hooks

Hooks will come in handy for your everyday items like a purse, scarf, or keys. Pick up stunning or old-fashioned hooks. They will serve as a practical aspect and add a bit of wall decor to your home.

  1. Start Using Vertical Space

Evaluate your different rooms and figure out how you can build storage vertically. Consider installing a few shelves on your wall. You could place a few clear bins of items or prop up some of your favorite art sculptures there.

Try to give some of your clutter a place to sit.

Don’t Forget These Home Storage Ideas

Did you find these home storage ideas helpful? Start getting rid of clutter by sizing up your free wall space.

You might want to look into installing wall-to-wall shelving or adding a few shelves. Use the space above your doors, and don’t forget about storing craft items on a pegboard.

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