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6 Key Factors to Consider When Building a Custom Home 

What factors should you look for when customising homes? The current value of an average Brisbane home is AUD560,000, according to Smart Property Investment. The Brisbane housing market spiked in 2020 despite downturns due to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

When picking a construction company for building your home in the city, one option is to contact custom home builders in Brisbane

While looking for this service in Australia’s third-largest city, you have to be sure with certain factors, and they are:

  • Style

When selecting a house style, you have lots of options that might be popular or trending. One example is the “Queenslander,” which is a house on stilts. This housing design is popular to deal with various regional factors like high temperatures, storm flooding, and pest infestations.

When selecting a house style, you also have options like modern or traditional styles. The classic housing styles are related mostly to different construction periods. In fact, the various options are like a historical timeline of Brisbane itself. This includes different options, like houses constructed during the colonial period.

Other popular home styles are influenced by different regions. This includes ones like England, Spain, and the USA. These options were originally developed abroad and yet have influenced the Australian housing market.

  • Size

When customising homes, the building’s size is certainly a factor. In fact, you can find building companies with specialisations like small lots. Small lots and narrow blocks can have an effect on the house’s size. 

On the other hand, you can also pick space-saving options like multi-storey townhouses, which have a small footprint but still contain the same perks as big houses. 

  • Layout

Your house’s blueprint is another one of the key factors to consider. There are several details to sort out like, how many bedrooms and bathrooms will the home have? How large will rooms be, and where will they be located? Where will you place windows and doors? Etc.

  • Fittings and Fixtures

These bits and pieces in your new home include several different items, like:

  • Furniture
  • Appliances
  • Heating/Cooling systems
  • Doors
  • Carpeting 
  • Kitchenware

While some of these items, like appliances and heaters/coolers, are big in size, others like silverware, mirrors, and photos are small. However, all of these elements are critical for creating a truly customised home. 

Like other aspects of home customisation, the right building company can select the best items to create a truly personalised home.

  • Colours

This is a major factor that’s related to different components of your new home. That includes the exterior and interior, walls and floor, furniture and furnishings. In fact, you can find a team of colour experts who can help to mix and match things like wallpaper, furniture pieces, and tiles.

The process of selecting colours for your custom home is an art and a science. On the one hand, there’s the colour wheel that includes primary, secondary, and complementary colours. Meanwhile, there’s also the process of blending these colours in a way that provides perfect aesthetics. For instance, you can mix and match black and white with primary or pastel colours. 

If you want a personalised residence in the capital city,  you can find the most suitable team of custom home builders in Brisbane. This is important since local builders will know about building ordinances that are specific to Brisbane city. This is critical to ensure your home’s design follows all local building codes.