4 Different Ways of Enjoying the Delicious Coffee Flavored Maple Syrup

When two bold flavors are blended, this super delicious syrup is created. It has the sweet caramel taste of maple syrup and the rich aromatic coffee flavor, and together they make a perfect pair.

This syrup can be used with any dessert to make it more flavorful. Be it morning waffles, coffee milk, or vanilla ice cream, a drizzle of this syrup can make everything super tasty. So, here are some more amazing recipes that can be made using this syrup:

1. Buckwheat Pancakes With a Good Amount of Maple Coffee Syrup

Buckwheat pancakes are a favorite breakfast for many health-conscious people in the US. But, while the flavor of buckwheat is good, the texture of the pancakes at times can be pretty dry and stiff if the right balance is missed. As such, adding coffee-infused maple syrup to the white flour along with bananas can help keep the pancakes from becoming too dry. Making such tasteful pancakes by following this recipe is an excellent idea that even your kids will love to have this for breakfast.

2. Chocolate Ice-cream Cake and a Handsome Portion of Coffee Flavored Maple Syrup

Making chocolate ice cream cake is as easy as making a chocolate cake. So, while making the layers of the cake, instead of adding whipped cream, ice cream can be stuffed in between. These cakes are usually dark and full of rich chocolate flavor, so vanilla or coffee-flavored ice cream is the perfect match. The maple syrup can be either added to the cake layers to moisten the cake or poured over the whole cake as a garnishing sweet sauce.

3. Vanilla Ice Cream Sundae Layered With Coffee Maple Syrup & Hazelnut Pralines

As the saying goes, simple things are the best in life. However, for a dessert-loving person who loves to spend time in the kitchen curating new recipes, keeping it simple might be difficult. So for them, this is the perfect dessert recipe that can make anyone drool.

To start with, in the dessert bowl, some vanilla ice cream is taken. Then it is topped off with some hazelnut pralines and a generous amount of the coffee maple concoction. After the first layer, the same process can be repeated a couple of times. It can also be topped with some chocolate chips and wafers while serving so that tasting this amazing recipe becomes a unique experience for everybody.

4. Pair It Up With Pumpkin Cheesecake Ice Cream

Pumpkin cheesecake ice cream and coffee-flavored maple syrup might sound like an odd pair, but those who have tasted this combo have verified that it tastes heavenly. And as the first spoonful goes into the mouth, different flavors explode in the mouth. The tanginess of pumpkin pie, the sweet and salty taste of the crust, and the delicious and aromatic flavor of the syrup all come together to create a unique sensation that cannot be explained in words. Better yet, this ice cream can be made into a milkshake by adding two large scoops of the same, a quarter cup of milk, and a few spoons of this syrup into the blender and blending it into a puree.

As far as coffee-infused maple syrup is concerned, people have been inventing new recipes using it ever since. Therefore, technically this list is unending. Furthermore, this syrup can be used with any dessert, as long as the person has a liking for its taste and flavor.