3 Crucial Steps to Prepare Your Car for Auto Detailing

Sydney records the most number of citizens in Australia. The major economic, tourism, and cultural hub of New South Wales has 4,914,343 residents as of 2019. Most working-age residents find their jobs in the city’s Central Business District and other major suburbs like Parramatta, Macquarie Park, and Bondi Junction. 

Since the economy is good in the city, most households can buy at least one vehicle to use as a form of transportation. The latest statistics claimed that 46% of Greater Sydney residents have access to two or more vehicles. It means that industries like car detailing in Sydney are also doing well. 

If you own a car, it is important to ensure that you take care of your vehicle’s integrity for as long as possible. Regular trips to car detailing shops are very important. It will help ensure that you enjoy the smooth-sailing drive of your vehicle for a long time. 

If you are about to go to a car detailing shop, you need to prepare your vehicle before the professionals take over properly. Here are the things you need to do before you take your vehicle to an auto detailing shop.  

  • Decide on the Type of Car Detailing You Want 

Car detailing shops offer two major services, interior detailing and exterior detailing. 

The first one is perfect for vehicles that accumulated plenty of interior dirt, especially after a road trip. It will eliminate all the hidden food crumbs on the seats or all the neglected papers and receipts concealed by the carpets. It will also get rid of pet hair and stains after a thorough cleaning. 

Meanwhile, the exterior detailing will make your car look shiny and new. It will minimise the appearance of dents and scratches. This service will also eradicate all the stubborn watermarks left during your previous car wash session. You may consult with your car detailing service provider to help you decide which service is right for your vehicle. 

  • Call the Shop in Advance 

It is important to contact the car detailing shop beforehand to secure a slot for your preferred time. This step is very important, especially during the Fall when most car owners choose to get the services in preparation for the winter. 

Scheduling your car detailing session also allows the shop to prepare for your arrival. It will let them gather all the necessary tools and equipment needed to make your car look great. You may also inform the service provider to put you on a routine schedule to ensure that you have the car washed regularly

  • Clear Your Vehicle

If you want to ensure that the professionals thoroughly clean your vehicle from the inside and out, you must take out the contents before going to the auto detailing shop. 

You must leave personal items like bags, toys, and papers at home. You must also clear out the gloves box and centre consoles. It will lessen the amount of time that the professionals would use when detailing your car.  

Bonus Tip: Look For A Bigger Work Area 

Some shops for car detailing in Sydney may opt to visit your place to do their services. If you have no time to drop your car at their shop, you may ask them to head over to your place to do the work. But you need to ensure that they can comfortably access all the sides of your car and have plenty of areas to open the doors for detailed cleaning. 

You must also ensure that there are no other parked vehicles nearby. Also, ensure that there are no possible environmental hazards like trees, yard equipment, and approaching traffic to ensure the safety of your vehicle and the professionals working on it. By doing all this preparation for auto detailing, you can get an assurance that your vehicle will look new after the service.