11 Reasons Why Everyone Should Visit Las Vegas

Despite a 65% decline in tourist numbers, Las Vegas still welcomed over 19 million visitors during 2020.

This incredible city rose out of the dusty Mojave Desert during 1905 and reluctantly agreed to comply with Nevada’s anti-gambling laws in 1910.

Illegal gambling and bawdy entertainment spiked during the construction of the Hoover Dam, thanks to the large numbers of workers employed onsite. So, when Nevada backtracked on its anti-gambling stance during 1931, Las Vegas carried on regardless.

Today, the term ‘Vegas’ is synonymous with glitz, glamour, and grandeur.  Yet there are many other reasons to visit Las Vegas as soon as you can. 

Discover some of them below.

1. The Awesome Weather

If you’re visiting Las Vegas during the wintertime you’re in for a treat. The summer heat simmers down to a pleasant 60°F, so you can still enjoy all the pools and water slides on offer. 

Summer boasts clear skies and the party’s on at poolside around the city when the temperature climbers over 100°F.

2. Hoover Dam

Don’t miss the chance to view this incredible feat of engineering during your Las Vegas trip. Tours to Hoover Dam showcase the fascinating history of this construction and the role it played in making Las Vegas what it is today. 

This 726-foot-tall structure is the largest water reservoir in the country and one of the world’s tallest. 

3. The Strip

Las Vegas’s most iconic street glows with mind-blowing neon lights and glittering displays every night after dark. This is where you’ll find all the most extravagant shows, casinos, and hotels.

No trip to Vegas is complete without strolling down this mind-blowing boulevard and dipping into some of the excesses on offer. 

4. The Royal Treatment

Wherever you choose to go for your Las Vegas vacation, you can look forward to outstanding customer service. Las Vegas relies on tourism for its survival and the locals take pride in impressing guests with first-class treatment.

Many of the hotels along the strip have a standing instruction for their employees to grant any legal wish, that their customers desire. This high priority on treating guests to the best during their visit continues in every area of the city. 

5. Family-Friendly Fun

Despite its long history of adult-centered entertainment, Las Vegas offers something for everyone. Animal parks, outdoor playgrounds, and theme parks abound in this top family-friendly destination.

You can also join in several healthy outdoor activities during your trip to Vegas. Why not try horseback riding, golf, helicopter flips, ziplining, kayaking, and more while you’re in the area?

6. Visit Las Vegas to Party

It’s all about having a good time when you visit Vegas, which is why so many people pick this destination for important celebrations.

You’ll find all the best ideas for a bachelor party, anniversary bash, hen’s do, or wedding celebration in this top entertainment destination. 

Thanks to the idea that ‘what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ most people feel free to let their hair down and have the time of their lives in this city. 

7. A Central Location

If you’re taking a vacation to see the best that Nevada has to offer, Las Vegas makes a great first stop. It’s located close to several other vacation spots, it’s easy to plan your travels from this central point.

Some of the top attractions near Vegas include:

  • Big Bear in California
  • Zion National Park in Utah
  • Death Valley National Park
  • The Grand Canyon 

These sights are only two to three hours’ drive from this bustling city. Mount Charleston is only a short drive away too, and you can enjoy hiking, skiing, camping, and picnicking at this cool oasis. 

8. Explore Fascinating History

One of the lesser-known reasons to go on a vacation to Vegas is to visit some of the historic sites around town. Some of the top sites to explore include the Historic Mormon Fort and the college gym where Elvis and Ann Margaret filmed Las Vegas

Springs Preserve is home to the Nevada State Museum and Las Vegas High School and the Golden Horse Casino were the first of their kind in the city. 

The Mob Museum and El Cortez highlight the history of illegal gambling and other shady aspects of early Las Vegas, while the Little Church of the West is the place where many celebrities tied the knot in years gone by. 

9. Live Entertainment

Las Vegas is one of the best places in the world to enjoy live entertainment. You’ll find the best of everything up for grabs here.

World-class musicians, dazzling circus acts, theatre productions, and kids’ shows provide around-the-clock entertainment in Las Vegas. There’s always something happening in Las Vegas, whether you’re looking for food, gambling, or retail therapy.  

Fremont Street is one of the best places to catch all the action in Las Vegas. 

10. Art and Culture Abound

Vegas is undergoing a massive cultural revival and places a high emphasis on the creative arts nowadays. Visit the Arts District while you’re in town to enjoy a fantastic array of galleries, restaurants, and cafés where you can rub shoulders with artistic types.

Every First Friday of the month, the neighborhood comes alive with street artists, musos, and entertainers showing off their skills. 

11. Festivals and Events

Everybody who’s anybody wants to perform in Vegas, and they get the chance thanks to a bustling calendar of events.

The city’s home to many annual events, festivals, and conventions that come to town to make the most of the high-tech facilities and packed crowds.

Every year, iHeartRADIO, the Electric Daisy Carnival, and Life Is Beautiful draw thousands of fun-seekers to the Valley. There’s bound to be at least one celebration on the go during your trip, so why not join in the fun?

Plan Amazing Adventures

With so much to see and do when you visit Las Vegas, it pays to plan your trip far ahead of time. There’s plenty to keep you busy day and night for several weeks at a time. Would you like to discover some of the world’s best vacation destinations? Browse our Travel section for more.