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5 Important Questions to Ask Roofing Services OshawaCompanies before hiring them

When you are looking through the list of roofing companies for one to hire for the roofing work of your houses, you are supposed to know about some details about the company and its contractors. Poor quality of workers means a bad quality of roof work and lots of roof leaks and repairs in the future which is why you should explore to make the correct decision. Roofing is already a big investment for most people of time and money, and one bad decision may lead you to waste time and money quite a lot. So to avoid any such situations, here are a few important things that you should ask your roofing company before deciding to hire them:

  1. Name and address

The most primary thing that you should know about any company is whether it is actually a real company. This will be easily known from the asking about the full name and the actual physical address of the company office. If a company you are reviewing to hire for your roofing works doesn’t have a physical location, it may be a thing to be worried about and you should probably move to the next roofing company.

  1. Subcontractors

You should know if the contractors working for you have any subordinates who will be working under the roofing contractors. If so then make sure if they are well-educated and experienced about the roofing work. It is also important to know that they are insured while working for you.

  1. Insurance

If there occurs any event of an emergency or an accident, contractors from roofing companies should be insured with workman’s’ compensation and liability insurance so that the risk doesn’t come onto the homeowner. This will make sure that you are safe when there is some accident in which the contractors are injured. You are protected from the liability damage of the accident.

  1. References

This is a quite common thing that you should do before hiring a company. You must ask for references from other the company to review their previous work. This will make you aware of their work pattern and if there are any shortcomings in their roofing services or contractors. You should try to have a follow up with their past work and customers to check if the past clients are happy with their work.

Also, see if they provide a warranty for their work and come true to the same if any issue arises. The past clients will be well aware of this information.

  1. Certification and licenses

It is a significant question to ask roofing companies for their licensing and certifications giving proof of the work they are doing. The credentials should be issued by a centralized entity like your state or city. This proves its authenticity and you can rely on such roofing companies who have these certificates and license. Also, try to check with the local licensing offices, if possible, to be sure that the company is reliable and doesn’t have any violations pending. You have to know that a business license is different from the roofing contractor licenses.

Therefore, above are some questions to ask roofing services Oshawa companies before hiring one for your home roofing. For more information about us, you can check us out on , and Salespider!

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