What Types of Interesting Collecting Hobbies Exist Today?

Keeping collections of objects is a very old cultural practice that was practice as far back as the third millennium BC by royalty and elites.

Collecting can range from an interesting hobby in childhood to a serious lifelong pursuit.

Are you interested in the different types of collecting hobbies that exist?

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular collection ideas.


One of the most popular things to collect are stamps. They are small and do not weigh very much, allowing people to build a large collection even in a small space. There are so many beautiful, interesting, and historically relevant stamps out there!


Collecting coins is also an incredibly popular collecting hobby. Coins have been produced for thousands of years as a means of exchanging goods for something valuable.

One of the great things about collecting coins is that it can be an avenue through which to learn so much about the world, other cultures, and history.

Vinyl Records

Many people have an appreciation for vinyl records rather than digitized music. While this type of collection can become quite heavy and can take up a bit of space, people who collect vinyl records cherish them dearly.

Comic Books

Many people who collect comic books do so with the hope that they will increase in value over time. This means that it’s important to keep them in mint condition, otherwise they will not be nearly as valuable in the future.


Avid wine drinkers may become wine collectors. Collecting wine is something that has occurred for hundreds of years. Many varieties of wine taste better as they age, so there is a practical purpose to this hobby as well.

Collecting wine can also be an investment, as certain lines might become more valuable over time.

Trading Cards

Another interesting hobby is collecting trading cards. While many trading cards won’t increase the value much over time, certain rare trading cards can end up being worth tens of thousands of dollars. This can be a fun type of collection to start that is inexpensive.


There are so many different types of toys that a person can collect. Many people have large doll collections while others might still be hanging onto those Beanie Babies from the 90s.

Certain types of toys that are rare and retro can end up being very valuable many years down the road. Whether you have a particular passion for certain brands or toys, or you are interested in collecting toys in the hope that they will gain value over time, this can be a fun and interesting hobby.

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Do Any of These Collecting Hobbies Spark Your Interest?

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