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Money is the root cause of South Africa’s relationship-misery

Money is now the biggest cause of relationship strain in South Africa 1  

According to ‘money problems are now cited as one of the biggest reasons marriages fail in South Africa.’ 1   With daily living costs and personal debt on the rise, it is no surprise that financial strain is ruining our relationships.

Businesslive says that ‘fewer South Africans are getting married’ and ‘divorce is on the rise in South Africa’. We all grimaced when we heard that the soon-to-be-married royal couple, Harry and Meghan were fore-going a pre-nup. With Harry’s fortune estimated to be around $50 million dollars and Meghan a lead actress in a global television series, the decision for those of us not looking through love-struck eyes, is questionable. We all know that marriage soon loses its shine when bills need to be prioritized and sacrifices have to be made.

Poor lending rates from banks are meaning that those who are soon-to-be-divorced are facing increasing financial pressures and are looking elsewhere for emergency financial relief. The advent of the internet has opened up a wealth of more flexible and increasingly popular options such as Wonga.

The financial implications of divorce

With the costs of divorce continuing to rise, it is worth considering whether it really is the end of the road. lists ‘arguments around spending habits, a lack of disclosure of one’s income and little to no understanding of South Africa’s matrimonial property regimes’ as the biggest underlying causes 3of divorce. There is much research to suggest that the best way to beat the curse of financial strain is to be honest, open and keep talking, even when things are tough.

Getting a divorce in South Africa can be a costly decision with unexpected financial implications that can affect you for years to come. With many South Africans already tightening the belt, this often unexpected change in circumstances and new financial pressure can be unbearable. When faced with impending divorce PSG Wealth outlines some of the most important financialareas to consider when you are thinking about getting a divorce, on, including:

-Review your last will and testament within three months from the date of divorce– will your spouse be able to make a claim?

-Make sure that debit order payments for your former spouse are cancelled

-Assess your new short-term insurance needs for your own assets as an individual 4.

 Are you considering divorce? Have you got valuable knowledge to share from experiencing divorce first-hand. We would love to hear from you.

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Edkent Media Vancouver With Long Term SEO Propositions

The ultimate goal of the search engine is to help the users find some of the best solutions to selected problems. Search engines are also termed as answer engines, where finding the right answer is of prime goal. Query, on the other hand, is always the means to achieve the same service.  It means that higher SERP placement will help in determining the ways, in which, each site might support users while they perform their individual tasks. It is important for the search engines to guess the quality of each site with the help of indirect signals like how many sites are linked to it and more.

More with search engine companies and their increase:

With the increase in number of search engines these days, there is an increase snoop on behaviors of the users. During such instances, the search engine rankings are solely based on the usability criteria. The proper ability to actually collect some of the valid quality signals is always a great reason for bigger search engines to sprawl beyond profit center and that will offer loss leading services well. In present environment, you can further gain some SERP rank by just placing to search engine algorithms and trying to work on the scoring system.

Longer proposition to cover:

There are some longer SEO term propositions available as the algorithm seems to change on a constant basis. Focusing to offer high quality service is likely to generate some sustainable higher rankings. If you are currently looking for some best help with long term SEO proposition, catching up with the best edkent media vancouver services for SEO help is the first thing to consider. Once you have noted that, there is no reason to look for other options over here. Their services are designed to cover each individual and common need. So, head for the best name in town before the matter gets out of your hand.

Short term based SEO:

Whenever you are looking for short term SEO, it primarily implies some good designs. Using some of the short term tricks for cheating the search algorithms might not be a good idea but can easily prove to be reasonable for designing websites and even intranets, just to work pretty well with the current search engines of modern world. For some immediate help in this regard, log online and get hands on the services right away for sure.

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Choose Most Reliable VIP Models For Better Services

The humdrum affairs of life could be very taxing and annoying. The best way to relieve you from these issues is by indulging in some of the exotic, sensual services of the Elite VIP Models These authentic experiences can make you feel rejuvenated and gain back those lost days of charm and excitement.

These are professional women who are available for the complete satisfaction of its clients. They are gorgeous and stunning women who are well aware of their duties and skills. These women could be models that have the perfect figure and beautiful looks that can impress the client and therefore satisfy all his needs and desires. They have educated women who are blessed with natural beauty and personality. They are always available at service and can be appointed through the easy booking process.

To know more about the quality services

The agency has gained a reputation through years of services. They have their set of guidelines. The Elite VIP Models can accompany the client in several events such as corporate functions, private dinners, social events, meetings, or even in vacations for enjoying leisure activities. There are different categories of escorts, and one can choose from the options given to them based on the affordability.

The clients get the opportunity to make their individual choices. The visits can be arranged and settled according to the client preference of location and time.

Why choose the Elite London Escort services

There are several reasons and options that a client looks into when selecting the escort service. The Elite escort services are available for the clients who are seeking more than just pleasure. They are looking for different kind of services like choosing a companion who could be accompanying them in several other occasions. Events that might need the escorts to participate in conversations or rendezvous. Some of the services that make them authentic are as follows:

  • The client information is kept discreet and private.
  • Provides both out and in call offers.
  • The escorts are superior in quality as they are educated and gorgeous women.
  • They are the absolute choice of the elite and high-class clients.
  • The perfect companion for attending events and parties.

Convenient Booking process

The booking process is very convenient as the clients have to follow certain guidelines while making their orders. The terms and conditions are important to be read before one makes their appointments. There are exclusive offers available which can get updated according to the change of season.

The client has to approach the agencies for continuing their liaison with their choice of escort. The chances of making any personal contact scanty as there are company rules and regulations that cannot be missed out. Any breach of contract can enforce the agency is discontinuing their services with the client in mere future as this can leave a huge impact on the company’s hard earned reputation. The customer needs are a prior concern, but the clients too should be able to respect the policies and agreements once signed during the placement of orders.

So, people can benefit a lot if they hire escorts through such escort agencies. The booking process is also very easy and customers will not find difficult to book an escort.

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What is often missing when hosting an event?

There are many types of events that involve hosting guests. There are weddings, embassy receptions, massive birthday parties and others. Hosts should always put themselves in the shoes of their guests. This way, they can put together events that will satisfy the needs and expectations of said guests on most occasions.

However, sometimes hosts do not meet certain criteria and guests go home unsatisfied. This can occur due to many reasons. More often than not, hosts and managers can control how well these events flow.

We often hear the complaints of guests after certain events. We have compiled some of these for your consideration.

The event wasn’t lead effectively

If guests complain about this, it could be for multiple reasons. Maybe the event felt longer than it should because the time for each part wasn’t used at it should have been. Perhaps the time considerations weren’t realistic enough, and the event didn’t go as planned. Many of these are related to the interests and expectations of the guests.

To avoid this issue, be sure that:

-Your event is scheduled in a way that ensures the time is used effectively, so:

Give priority to parts that you know that will take longer.

Try to hire a host that is known for being effective, and that doesn’t divagate when talking.

Don’t let anyone hijack the event. Sometimes, people do this without even noticing, but you should be polite and take control of the situation. If someone from the public participates in the event, let them know that there is a limited amount of time available, if someone takes too long, interrupt this person politely and move on with the event.

Be sure that the event is evenly balanced: People can get bored during events. Don’t hesitate to manipulate the schedule so that it comes across as balanced as possible. For example, if the event contains entertainment and business content, be sure to balance them out in favor of the attendees and their priorities.

The hosts weren’t properly identified.

This is not very frequent, but sometimes at big events that are fast-paced, people fail to recognize their hosts fast enough. This is frequent at conventions and other events that involve a lot of attendees.

To avoid this, you can:

Have good identification resources for the hosts:

This can include a uniform, some easily identifiable clothing items. If you are at a facility that is being used by other companies, make sure that your host’s uniform sticks out from the rest.

Use a specific type of identification document or badge. In most big events, you will often need to clarify to the attendees who are their hosts. Use Badge holders so that your hosts can wear their ID cards or badges with their names at every moment. You can buy some badge holders UK for them online. Make sure they are of good quality too.

You can make sure that your hosts are vocal enough and identify themselves frequently. This can be convenient for smaller events, such as embassy receptions. However, when these are held at great locations, such as in a hotel’s event room, this won’t be very effective and may even be unnoticed by the participants.

The event was redundant

Some events are held twice a year or more. Whatever the frequency they may be held at,

they should always offer something new. Otherwise, participants will feel that they are losing their time there. They do not want to go to an event that felt like the previous one.

To avoid this situation, follow these tips:

After each event, make a list of all the results and reception that the event had:

This will help you notice if the event improved the relationship between hosts and guests.

Plan the next steps to improve this relationship:

If you already covered their interests and expectations, you can always aim for more. You can rely on current events for this. It is always good to consider what is going on in the world or the country if you want to stay relevant to the public. Hosting events is not an easy task, so stay informed and be relevant!


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Conquering the Collaboration – How Hot Desking Opens Doors in Business

The co-working trend is no longer a trend, and businesses are beginning to see real value in an office plan that allows professionals to lease the use of the hot desk, the dedicated desk and the amenities that come with the standard office. The most immediate benefit to this office plan is that it provides businesses with a low cost, effective way to lease office space.

While start-ups and the self-employed benefit from the variety of activities involved with co-working space, all businesses would benefit from adopting some aspects of this model.

A Servcorp dedicated desk and hot desk, for example, provide professionals with world-class IT services, in addition to the use of conference and meeting rooms and standard office equipment. The centre of much of the activity that surrounds co-working is the hot desk and dedicated desks, the core of much work and inspiration. The hot desk, especially, presents professionals with many opportunities to engage with others in a way that promotes industry.

Let’s take a closer look at how the hot-desk can open doors for you and your business.

Office Set-Up

The way the co-working office is organised promotes social interaction. Depending on the arrangement, you can have a number of professionals from a diverse array of industries sitting at one station. These stations might have a computer and/or internet access, and professionals find themselves interacting with whoever is seated at these stations. These stations are the first point-of-contact for networking in the office. Conversations run the gamut, but most focus on finding ways to boost productivity in the workplace.

Community Focus

Like many other offices that house business, co-working spaces forge out an identity, and more significantly, a community that defines their purpose. This identity is at the core of determining the types of social functions that galvanise the community. The hot desk only becomes the catalyst that introduces the professional to the community.

For example, some co-working spaces focus solely on the start-up, and events and activities focus on developing business ventures. Start-ups who need guidance and mentoring do well in these spaces. For the most part, by the time the professional is hot-desking, he/she has a good grasp of the community in which he/she works, in this case, the start-up community. In essence, hot-desking promotes the interaction that increases the likelihood they can meet others to exchange information, to get referrals, and to find mentors.

Networking And Collaboration

More than just idle chit-chat that occurs while working, the hot desk and the co-working environment that supports it is directly related to the amount of formal and informal networking that occurs. In addition to being an enclave of professionals, one of the core principles of co-working is sponsoring events and activities that promote the industry. These networking events are the foundation upon which much collaboration is started between professionals.

The collaboration is integral to businesses for a few reasons. In a business community where the consumer can find similar products, raising your company’s profile can bring in new business and more sales for your business. However, collaborations give you access to other resources and professionals that can help take your business to the next level. Imagine that, one simple interaction at a hot desk can translate into numerous business opportunities.

Opening Doors To More Opportunities

The hot desk can be the source of much informal networking, and in combination with the formal events, develop into collaboration opportunities. The co-working industry has seen success primarily because they have cornered the market by combining networking with collaboration and innovation to help businesses create some of the newest products. Furthermore, the upside is they do this for professionals and all on a dime.

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Make Your Time Cherished With Beautiful Escort Models

In the colossal present-day world, individuals are proactively searching for elective that can help them in getting a charge out of pleasant time and having a satisfying lifestyle. If you are such individual then it is vital that you should employ escort service with no further deferrals as it gives you dazzling chance to acknowledge association of extraordinary hot models. It is the essential motivation driving why request of escort services has extended quickly inside last few years. In the event that you are searching for best Escort agency London that can help you in having beautiful time then it is critical that you should take help of the internet as there are inexhaustible escort brands those are providing their services on the web. You should pick the service of driving escort organisation as they give mind-blowing models those are set up to change your ordinary routine life into astounding and unforgettable time. There is no denying that individuals are proactively working for accomplishing their life targets yet it is essential that you should put into quality time decisions to get some inspiration.

Here are pros those you can anchor by benefitting service of driving escort brand and these are –

  1. Finest options depending on your taste – You should pick services of driving escort brand to discover best Escort Agency London as just driving brands to give escorts those will satisfy your every request, immaculately. They offer sizzling and skilfull escorts those have dazzling aptitudes so you can have agreeable involvement in their association.
  2. Low service charges – There are different individuals those swear of using escort service as they see that it will require a huge measure of cash for having a pleasurable time. It isn’t really by any technique as Escort Agency London is giving sensible escort service. You can utilise escorts according to your comfort, for instance, each hour, and so forth choices depending upon your necessities.
  3. Special attention to your requests – If you are an individual with special needs then you ought to use service of Escort Agency London without squandering any further time as they give most surprising escorts those will fulfill your entire needs, ideally. It is for certain that spending money on pleasurable time can really help you in living unique life energies. You won’t go up against any sort of baffled inclusion by enlisting service of driving escort brands as you can explore all the available option and select models those meet with your needs, totally.

Hence, you should not waste any further time in contracting service of proven escort brand to acknowledge association of unimaginable Escort agency London as that is direct and tried and true way to deal with value some quality time-out from your ordinary routine life. It is a champion among the most selected way to deal with secure impeccable experience that will rouse you to achieve your life goals. In case, you want to acknowledge happy time then it is recommended that you should benefit escort service without any further delays. So, start your search now!

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Ways to Spot the Best Trucking Company to Hire

Knowing what company to hire for all of your trucking needs is important. You cannot just hire anyone that shows up on your doorstep. You have to hire the right one that actually understands what your business does and what you need to have done through their business.

Understand some of the basic rules of choosing a trucking company to work with and then decide which one is going to help you make the best decision in the end.

Hire a Trucking Service That Compliments Your Business

When you can work seamlessly side by side, you both can benefit in the long run. When you are able to do this little is going to go wrong. However, you have to do a decent amount of background work to find out how this is going to benefit you in the long run. Without this background work, you’re going to have a hard time finding the right company for the job.

Do Your Research

Never worry about hiring someone that is not able to complete the job or costs too much or any other issues that might arise. Hire someone that you feel comfortable and confident working with when you do your research. Never jump on the first one you speak with. Get a feel for all of the trucking companies in Canada and then choose which one to work with. Speaking with a handful of companies is automatically going to give you more information on each of them and which you feel the most comfortable working with.

How Do Other Companies Feel About Them?

Know what others are saying about the company you want to hire. When they are saying good things and showing everyone that the trucking company is invaluable, everyone benefits, even you. This is also a company you want to have on your side when choosing one to work with. Ask around, read reviews and get the best information regarding the trucking companies out there.

Always Work with a Contract

When hiring any company to do any work that you need to have done or for any services you’re hiring them for, always work under a contract. Whether you provide the contract or them, having this is always a good way to make sure that you feel good about them in the end. This is also a safeguard not only for you, but for them, as well. No one should ever work with another company without the use of a contract in place.

Take the time to get to know the company and what they do. Learn more about their drivers, their requirements and their logistics team. When you know more about them, you feel more confident about them. Hiring someone that cannot provide all of the paperwork and proof of hiring a team of experts is someone you don’t want to work with. Generally, these companies are more than happy to provide you with any information you request of them, just make sure you’re the one requesting the information.

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Benefits of hiring best divorce lawyers

In any family, you will find that there are some issues that may arise that will force a couple to order to do it legally, there is need for a divorce lawyer. it will be easy for one to attain various benefits if they get a divorce lawyer when they are in need of divorcing. You need to be careful therefore to ensure that you look for the best divorce lawyer. There are a number of things that you can look into to help you in choosing the best divorce lawyers. With the best divorce lawyers, you will have a chance of benefiting in the following ways.

  • Save time

If you need to have a divorce step, you need to have a divorce lawyer. This will help you save a lot of time. this is because you will have a very ample time deciding on what should happen later after you divorce. You need to be keen therefore for you to ensure that you hire the best lawyer. this is because, if you do not have the best divorce lawyer, you may find it very hard to save your time. you will have to spend a lot of time discussing and arguing if you do not have a divorce lawyer.

  • Save money

You need to ensure that you hire the best divorce lawyer whenever you have issues for you to save a lot on money. This is because you will not have to be fined for failure of using the right procedure when divorcing. Also, in case of any issues, you will not have to spend time going to the court. You will have the lawyer who conducted the divorce process summoned. You need to be careful therefore to ensure that you spend some money hiring a divorce lawyer for you to have a chance of saving a lot later.

  • Clarity

When divorcing, there may be a lot of darkness that is covering the couple. This will require to be handled well in order to attain clarity on the incidence. You need to hire a divorce lawyer therefore for you to have a chance of getting the best divorce lawyer who will help in doing away with the darkness. You will have a chance of knowing how to go about it clearly with the help of a divorce lawyer. you need to be sure that you have the right divorce lawyer for you to attain clarity on the divorce process that you need to carry out.

In summary, it is important that you consider having a divorce lawyer who will help in giving you the best that you desire. You will have the best if you are careful o ensure that you capable of getting the best one. This will help you a lot since you will not have to strain a lot to find the best divorce lawyer if you are aware of what you need to do. You will benefit in the above ways having the best divorce lawyers.

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Lawang Sewu

Wonderful Indonesia

Abandoned and antique buildings have a tendency to inspire stories. Legends, Myths, Haunted tales of the building’s origin, its owners and builders. Indonesia as a whole is home to numerous historical and mystical buildings, many antique and dating back hundreds of years. One such building is Lawang Sewu Semarang which was built by the Dutch between the years 1904 and 1907 and functioned as head office for The Dutch East Indies Railway Company (Nederlandsch Indische Spoorweg Maatschappij) until 1942. During World War II, the building was used as Japanese Military Headquarters. It is located on the Tugu Muda roundabout, in Semarang, capital city of Central Java.

Lawang Sewu in the Javanese language is translated to mean “A thousand doors”. And while the building does not really have a thousand doors, the massive, three-story structure is lined with numerous doors and windows that resemble doors, from which the building obtained its name.

This large and mysterious building is not simply a deserted structure, but is an icon of history and heroes. On October 14, 1945, shortly after Indonesia declared her Independence, the building became the scene for the bloody “Battle of Semarang”. The 5-day battle took place between AMKA, Angkatan Muda Kereta Api (Railway Youth Force) against the Kempeitai and Kidobutai, the Japanese Military Police and Strike Force. Many were tortured and executed during this battle.

In 1950, the Tugu Muda monument was built in remembrance of this fight for freedom and in honor of those who died in battle. Each year, a celebration is held around this monument in commemoration of the heroic, 5-day struggle at Lawang Sewu.

To Do

Lawang Sewu is a prominent historical landmark as well as a structure boasting great architectural beauty. Its main attraction is its tall stained-glass windows, displaying the skill and artistry of colonial times. The colored beams of light which filter through the windows of the dimly lit room add to the already mysterious and somewhat tense atmosphere of the building. Of the many rooms in the building, only one can be entered. This room is believed to have been some sort of office or workspace. You can walk around in the open spaces and facilities such as bathrooms and the balconies overlooking the Tugu Muda Monument.Due to the high number of deaths that took place in at this site, many believe the building to be haunted. The building is open to the public 24 hours a day, should you want to go mid-night ghost hunting.

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How to Choose Family Law Solicitors in Sydney?

Family law solicitors in Sydneyhave to be very understanding and also have to have a lot of experience in this particular field. A lawyer specializing in family law, handles situations that are not only rife with financial issues but also have a lot of emotional and psychological issues. These domestic act advocates in Sydney should be able to handle situations with a lot of care as it involves not only finances of both the parties concerned but also the feelings and emotions that have been invested in the relation by the two parties involved.

Matters concerning family law involve not only handling a divorce or a separation, but if there are children involved there is the matter of custody issues also. Lawyers specializing in family law in Sydney have to keep in mind the circumstances of the divorce or separation of the parents while mediating the living arrangements of the child, part custody of the child, total custody of the child to a particular parent etc. Agreements that  clearly state the child support that has to be given, or the property that has to be either divided or given to one partner has to be reviewed by a professional lawyer well versed in family law.

Services of family act attorney from Sydney are also used before the marriage contract is drawn. Pre-nuptial agreements are very common and in certain cases very necessary for both the parties concerned. It does not take time for love to fly out of the window in today’s age of speed and convenience.  A pre-nuptial agreement is very useful to help keep at bay people marrying for all the wrong reasons. It is a very effective way to safeguard oneself from people who want to take advantage of another.

Lawyers practicing family law in Sydneycan assist and help you with all the matters concerning family life like:

  • De facto relationships and marriage.
  • Separation and divorce.
  • Child custody and child living arrangements.
  • Parenting orders.
  • Spouse maintenance.
  • Settlement and division of property owned in joint ownership.
  • Wills, bequeaths and estates.
  • Financial and pre nuptial agreements.
  • Matters concerning domestic violence, restriction orders concerning abuse.
  • Any issues concerning the family.

It is very important to retain lawyers that are trained in settling disputes out of the court through negotiation, mediation or through collaboration. A promising family law Franklin County GA lawyer who has experience in this field can guide you to reach a favorable outcome through his knowledge and expertise.  Good lawyers in Sydney come at an exorbitant price so it is very important to decide the fees structure beforehand before you make any commitment.


Any matter concerning family has to be handled very delicately especially when there are children involved. All the parties concerned, the issues that have to be dealt with as well as correct presentation of facts have to be kept in consideration when making any kind of appeal. Family law solicitors in Sydneyhave to be very committed, highly experienced, and adept in representing you in the court of law.

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