April 28, 2022


How to Clean Tinted Windows in Your Car the Right Way

Summer is coming, and the hot weather heats up the interior of cars to such a degree that it can be deadly. In fact, the interior can climb up to 172 degrees. It’s hot enough to burn someone getting in.

One of the best benefits of window tint is that it helps with the heat. Window tints with metallic particles help reflect away the heat, while carbon tinting blocks it. There are a few different options to choose from.

If you want the longest lifespan out of your tint, you need to learn how to clean tinted windows properly. Keep reading to learn about how to do this.

Types of Tinted Windows

There are different types of window tints that require different approaches to cleaning. These types include:

  • Dyed window tint
  • Metalized window tint
  • Hybrid window tint
  • Carbon window tint
  • Ceramic window tint
  • Crystalline window tint

You cannot use a generic glass cleaner on any of these window tints.

Tinted Window Cleaning Products

Using a generic window cleaning agent on tinted windows is a recipe for disaster. They often contain chemicals that degrade the adhesive in the window tint. Over time, exposure to these chemicals will cause the tint to bubble up or peel and eventually rip off.

The right cleaning products for tinted windows should be ammonia-free. There are even some tinted window cleaning products that come as wipes, making the process more convenient. The product doesn’t have to be expensive — even a pH neutral dishwashing soap will work.

You can view these window tint suppliers for an idea of more window tinting cleaning products.

Other Cleaning Accoutrement 

If you choose tinted window cleaning wipes, you negate the need for extra cleaning supplies. If you’re using a solution, however, you will need a microfiber cloth or clean cotton rag to wipe the windows.

After washing the windows, make sure to dry them with a clean microfiber cloth. This will prevent streaking. You can also use a credit card wrapped in a microfiber cloth to squeeze air bubbles out of the tint.

How to Clean Tinted Windows

Before you think about cleaning your tinted windows, make sure enough time has passed for the tint to cure. This can take between 7 to 30 days, depending on the temperature and humidity in your region.

If you are washing your entire car, save the windows for last. Choose a shady area to clean the car so the cleaning solution doesn’t dry too quickly as you wash the windows. Next, spray the cleaner onto the cleaning cloth directly, wipe the windows, and dry them with another cloth.

The Lifespan of Tinted Windows

Learning how to clean tinted windows properly will help extend the lifespan of the window tint. You may either shop online or head to your local automotive store to check out the available tinted window cleaning products. Try to keep a routine of cleaning your windows every few weeks.

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Bankruptcy and Foreclosure: What You Need to Know

Lenders filed over 78,000 foreclosure petitions in the first quarter of 2022. If you received one, you’re probably scrambling around to figure out what to do.

Foreclosure has several adverse effects. First, it causes you to lose your home. Second, it’s horrible for your credit.

You could consider bankruptcy and foreclosure to see if this might be your way out. However, you might also want to consider other options.

Here is a guide to help you understand how bankruptcy could help you avoid foreclosure if you’re behind on your mortgage payments.

Bankruptcy Might Temporary Stop Foreclosure

If you have a home in foreclosure, filing for bankruptcy might help you prevent the foreclosure from occurring. However, both of the main branches of bankruptcy operate differently.

The first option is Chapter 7. Chapter 7 provides relief from debts by discharging the debts. It also provides relief through an automatic stay, a court order that every person receives when filing for bankruptcy.

The automatic stay eliminates creditors from having the right to pursue the person’s debts. This order includes lenders, which means a lender must stop the foreclosure proceedings if the person files for Chapter 7.

Unfortunately, the automatic stay is temporary in a Chapter 7 case. Therefore, it will stop the foreclosure for a while, but it won’t permanently stop it.

Bankruptcy Also Permanently Stops Foreclosure

The other branch of bankruptcy you might want to use is Chapter 13. When you look at your mortgage and bankruptcy through this branch, you get more relief.

You can avoid foreclosure if you use Chapter 13, as it offers an automatic stay that lasts until your case closes. A Chapter 13 case closes at the end of the repayment plan.

Therefore, foreclosure and bankruptcy work well with this branch.

One thing to know is that you can lose your house to foreclosure after using Chapter 13 if you fall behind on your mortgage payments. Therefore, make sure you stay current on your payments if you use Chapter 13.

There Are Other Options

Bankruptcy isn’t the only option you can use to avoid foreclosure. You can use various other strategies, including selling a home in foreclosure. If you can sell your house before the foreclosure, you avoid losing your home.

You can look into to learn more about selling your house.

Another option is to complete a loan modification with your lender or inquire about loan forbearance.

Before giving up your home to foreclosure, look into these options. You might find one that is ideal for your situation. If you can, you’ll avoid the adverse consequences of foreclosure.

Bankruptcy and Foreclosure: Is It Right for You?

After reviewing this guide on bankruptcy and foreclosure, you might decide that bankruptcy is the right choice. If so, you can seek help from a bankruptcy attorney.

You might also want to look into other alternatives if you feel that bankruptcy isn’t the best option for your situation.

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Home Improvement

Your Guide To Choosing Affordable, High-Quality Solar Panels for Your Home

Do you want to cut your costs on your electricity bill whilst also helping the planet?

Then solar panels are a great option!

The cost of solar panel installation has reduced drastically over the last few decades. So there has never been a better time to get affordable solar panels.

This guide gives an overview of what solar panels are, the different types, and how to find the most cost-effective option. Lets keep your finances sunny side up!

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Cheaper utility bills, reducing carbon emissions, and avoiding using traditional electrical grids are just some of the benefits that solar panels offer. But how do they work?

A basic explanation is that solar panel systems convert sunlight into electricity. They do this by absorbing the sunlight through their photovoltaic (PV) panels. These panels are normally fitted onto a roof or sun-exposed surface.

Different Types Of Solar Panels

There are four main types of solar panels widely available: Monocrystalline, Polycrystalline, Hybrid, and Thin Film. These vary not only in solar panel affordability, but also in how efficient they are.

There are also some solar tiles and slates available, which are meant to blend more naturally with roofs. However, they are not as cost-effective as PV panels as they are more expensive.

Polycrystalline are generally the most low-cost option but is less energy efficient. Monocrystalline panels are the most expensive. However they could also be more cost-effective in the long term as they are typically more durable and long-lasting.

Hybrid are useful for those who only have small roof space, as they combine solar PV and thermal panels. Although you might save money on covering less area, the combined technology is often more expensive.

Finally, Thin Film are more portable due to their lighter weight. This makes them cheaper and quicker to install, but also more vulnerable to breakages.

Finding Affordable Solar Panels

There are now a lot of companies specializing in solar panels. You can search online to find out more about local installation firms.

When you are looking to purchase solar panels, then make sure you ask around for quotes so that you can get the best price.

In some places, you will need to get permission to install solar panels, and there might be a fee for it.

Also, find out what the solar power installation costs might be and if there will be any maintenance fees. Getting your solar panels professionally installed is the best way to make sure that they last as long as possible.

Always look at your warranty if you have any problems, as repairs might be covered by the installation company or the manufacturer.

Many places are now offering rebates or tax incentives when you invest in solar power for your home. Your solar panel provider should be able to give you more information about what is available to you locally!

A Sunny Outlook!

If you are looking for a source of renewable energy, then investing in some affordable solar panels is a smart choice.

Solar technology is advancing every day, so there are plenty of options for households of all budgets. With so many benefits, solar panels seem like a great choice.

If you found it helpful learning more about getting the best affordable solar panel, check out the rest of out the rest of our site for other articles on related topics!

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