November 13, 2021


An In-Depth Look at the Interesting History of American Football

There’s a reason why 37% of Americans picked American football as their favorite sport to watch. For nearly a century football has taken a hold of the public imagination when it comes to sports. But, exactly how did the sport begin?

And when did it get so popular? If you want to learn the answer to these questions, and more, then you’re in the right place. In this article, we’ll give you a crash course on the interesting history of American football. Let’s get started!

The Inception of American Football

American football began in the late 1800s. Before it took on its name it was a hybrid between soccer and rugby. Typically, it was confined to elite Northeastern colleges. Harvard, Yale, and McGill University were some of the early adopters.

However, it wasn’t until Walter Camp introduced two major differences that the sport we know and love came into existence. The first is the rule that the opposing team must give up the ball if they don’t make a certain amount of yardage by the fourth down.

Camp also popularized the role of the quarterback, introducing the line of scrimmage and the score scale that’s still used in the sport today. However, for the time being, the sport remained only popular in colleges.

The Professionalization of the Sport

While the sport was gaining traction at the start of the twentieth century it was still confined to the Intercollegiate Football Association. This would change in the year 1920.

This is when the American Professional Football Association would begin. This association would later be named the National Football League (or NFL). This move professionalized the sport.

It would spend the next fifty years gaining traction in popularity as a distinctly American sport.

Popularity in American Culture

American football wouldn’t gain the recognition that it maintains today until the 1970s. This is when the NFL merged with the American Football League. These days the NFL is without a doubt the largest football league in the country.

There are thirty-two teams and a devoted following of fans. An entire industry of sports betting has emerged around the sport. Make sure to check out this resource if you want to get some football free picks for your next bet.

Enjoy Learning About the History of American Football? Keep Exploring

We hope this article helped you learn more about the history of American football. As you can see, the sport, which began as a variation of rugby, has transformed into something wholly unique.

Today, it’s so popular that the NFL remains a billion-dollar industry that still manages to capture the United States’ attention again and again.

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Home Improvement

What To Know When Buying Sioux Falls Homes for Sale: An Overview

Are you in the market for a new home in Sioux Falls, South Dakota? If so, who could blame you?

The Sioux Falls area has amazing weather, culture, and outdoor recreational activities. The Sioux Falls population is just over 177,000, which gives you access to big-city luxuries without feeling over-crowded.

However, before you start shopping for Sioux Falls homes for sale, there are a few things you should consider. For example, what is your home buying budget? What type of home will be best for you and your family?

We want to help you choose the best possible home in Sioux Falls. Keep reading for a quick overview of everything you need to know.

Get Your Finances in Order

First, let’s talk about your finances. How much money can you afford to spend on housing each month?

We suggest taking a deep look at your monthly cash flow to determine the right price range for your new home. However, it’s not just the monthly mortgage payment that you need to worry about. There are other costs associated with owning a home, such as:

  • HOA fees (if you live under a homeowner’s association)
  • Property taxes
  • Utilities and services (gas, water, electrical, waste removal, internet, cable, phone, etc.)
  • Yearly maintenance and repairs (usually 1% of your home’s value)
  • And more

You need to calculate your potential costs and make sure you have room in your budget before making an offer on a home.

Get Preapproved for a Home Loan

Next, before you start looking at Sioux Falls homes for sale, it’s important to know your loan eligibility. Just because you can afford something on paper, it doesn’t mean the bank is going to agree with you. For this reason, you need to get preapproved for a loan before you start touring houses in the Sioux Falls zip code.

Getting preapproved will tell you exactly how much money you can offer for a home. It will also provide insight into your terms and interest rates.

Make a List of Your Top Housing Priorities

Purchasing a home is a long-term commitment. As such, you need to vet prospective Sioux Falls homes carefully to find the one that’s best for you, your family, and your lifestyle.

Make a list of things you want in a house based on your priorities. For example, do you want to be close to work? What school district do you want your kids to belong to?

What about the size and layout of your home? Do you want a backyard or any external buildings?

These are important factors to consider. Coming up with a list will help your realtor locate the best possible homes available on the market.

The Sioux Falls Housing Market is Hot

Finally, when searching for Sioux Falls homes for sale, it’s important to understand that the current housing market is hot. Homes are selling quickly. This could be because of the enjoyable Sioux Falls weather, the economy, and all the great things to do in Sioux Falls.

Regardless, the fast-paced market means you need to be able to make quick decisions. If you’re interested in a house but fail to act, you could lose it. It might also mean paying more for a home than the asking price if there are other interested buyers.

Looking at Sioux Falls Homes for Sale?

Buying a home can be stressful. However, it should also be exciting and inspiring.

After all, you’re looking for the next home for you and your family. Try to enjoy the process of shopping for Sioux Falls homes for sale.

And if you’re looking for more real estate or lifestyle advice, you’ve come to the right place. Before you go, take a look through some of our other articles to find more content that can help you improve your life.

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