Where to Find the Best Wine in Australia (By Region)

According to one survey, about 75% of adults enjoy drinking wine.

If you’re interested in wine, you might also be interested in wine tourism. One popular place that people travel to is Australia for its amazing wines.

But where will you find the best wine in Australia? Keep reading to find out!

Margaret River

The Margaret River is about a three-hour drive south of Perth, but it’s known for having some of the most elegant wines in the entire country. In fact, it’s their most famous region for wine.

Cullen Wines is one estate in this area, and they offer an amazing tasting experience. You’ll be able to also enjoy fine dining that pairs well with the wine that you try.

The Vasse Felix is another estate in the area, and they craft each batch of wine very carefully. They’ll let you visit their winery and also give you some samples before you decide which one to buy.

If you’re interested in wine tours near Perth, click here for more info.

Yarra Valley

The Yarra Valley is one of the oldest vineyards in the area of Victoria. Yering Station, located in this valley, actually dated back to 1838.

There are three hundred different vineyards and seventy wineries in this area. Because this region has a cooler climate, there are a lot of pinot noirs, cabernet sauvignon, and sparkling chardonnays made here.

Barossa Valley

In South Australia, you’ll find some more old vineyards in the region. Because they’ve been around for so long, they also have some of the country’s best wines.

One of their most famous wines is their bold shiraz. It’s incredibly smooth, and you’ll definitely want to try it.

For a more historic experience, you can visit Seppeltsfield. This is the only winery around the world that releases a 100-year-old vintage wine bottle each year. They also offer all kinds of unique tasting experiences!

Adelaide Hills

Adelaide Hills is about an hour away from Adelaide, and it has a high altitude and cool climates to help create some unique wines.

These medium-weight, but complex wines will definitely leave a lasting impression. You can travel to the Ashton Hills winery which is famous for its pinot noir. Or you could go to Shaw + Smith and try their wine flights which are only a limited release.

If you want another famous estate to visit, you can also check out the Penfolds’ Magill Estate. They have all kinds of iconic wines that will help you open up your palate.

Learn More About Wine in Australia

These are only a few places to visit for wine in Australia, but there are many more Australian wine regions that you should check out.

We know that it can be overwhelming trying to pick one area to go to, but we’re here to help you out!

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