What Makes A Hotel Stay The Best

What is the secret to a perfect and pleasing hotel stay? Is it the friendly staff or the neat and tidy rooms? Is it the food or the various relax and unwind options available for the guests? Well, there is a combination of factors that make a hotel stay memorable. Whether you are going on a vacation with family or a business trip with office colleagues, you want to ensure that your hotel stay is a positive experience- a one that you remember for days even when you are back home. Here we mention the most important factors that make a perfect hotel stay.

A Feel of Luxury: we all look for a little luxury once in a while. And this is all the more true when we are on a vacation with our friends and family. Classy ambience, genuinely warm service, top class furnishing in rooms, jetted bathtubs, top of line toiletries, comfortable bedding and super soft sheets are things that add a touch of luxury when staying at a hotel. Fireplace in each room also gives a luxurious and romantic touch to the hotel room.

A Sense of Security: this is an important factor no matter where you plan to stay. Full time availability of the security staff and cameras throughout the building add up to the personality of the hotel and brings in a sense of security among the guests. At Desire hotel Riviera Maya, you’ll find top notch security at all times, ensuring that the guests get a ‘home away from home’ feeling throughout their stay.

Relax and Unwind Options: Besides creating a nice and soothing environment for the guests, the hotel should also have interesting relax and unwind options for the guests to indulge in. If you plan your stay at The LaliT Mumbai, you will have an option to choose from a range of bespoke guest services like the best spa, a high-tech private movie theatre, an upscale shopping facility and a gorgeously landscaped outdoor pool.

Great Options to Wine and Dine: a hotel with elegant restaurants, where one can relish exceptional cuisines and great wines, is something that all guests look. If you are in Mumbai, a stay at The LaLiT Mumbai will give you a chance to relish mouth-watering delicacies of some amazing restaurants like Kitty Su and Beluga. These restaurants are considered to be the best dinner places in Mumbai and having your meals here will make your hotel stay all the more memorable.

Last but not the least, it is the people who work at the hotel, the service staff, that matter as they make the experience comfortable, positive and a one to remember.