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Tips On How To Get Rid Of Termites

the termites are certainly the most destructive of xylophagous insects. They dug the timber from the foundations to the roof, thereby endangering the solidity of the building. If an invasion is discovered, it must be declared in the town hall. Then it would be best if you got rid of these pests by consulting a professional or find an expert.

There are several methods of combating termites.

One simple method is a cardboard trap. To do this, cut flat strips of cardboard, stack them and moisten them. Then place the trap in the termite-infested place. Since termites feed on cardboard, they should jump on the trap quickly.  

If the trap has struck, burn the cardboard box with the termites and repeat the process. But this trap does not solve the primary problem. So you should use another method.

Termites don’t like sunlight. If the termites only attacked individual pieces of furniture, place them in the sun for two to three days. The heat and brightness of the sun kill them. You can combine this very well with the cardboard trap.  

Another method of termite control is the use of nematodes, also known as roundworms, which are harmless to humans. These use the termites as hosts for their breeding grounds. This usually kills termites within 48 hours.

One chemical method is the use of boric acid. The insecticide damages the termite’s nervous system and dries you out. To do this, treat a piece evenly with boric acid. You can then put this bait in the direct vicinity of the infested place. If applied successfully, you should then see termite carcasses nearby.

Other chemical substances can be used to control termites. You can get these very quickly in hardware stores or drugstores.

Contact an exterminator if the termites are underground; the infestation is particularly large or persistent. It is best to fight termites as soon as possible to preserve your wood.

Prevent Termites

  • The following measures can be used to prevent termites.
  • Make sure your house and apartment are dry. Termites prefer cool and humid places. So reduce leaks or standing water in and around your home.
  • One way to prevent termites is to add permethrin, insect repellent, paint, wood polish, or even the concrete mix. 0.1% in the mixture is enough to keep the termites away. The remedy does not harm people.  
  • Store wood properly and away from your house. Please protect it from moisture by covering it.