The Best Time You Can Pass with the French Bulldog

Here we will tell you all about French Bulldog and his behavior, but first it is important that you know his characteristics and physical needs. This is not an energetic pet, but it is important that you maintain a daily walking routine to avoid being overweight, so you live very well in apartments.

This is a brachycephalic puppy and, therefore, is not a fan of intense heat. Remember to take care that he does not dehydrate during these periods and avoid exercising with the pet during peak sun hours.

The famous wrinkles on the Frenchie’s face came from the English bulldog, but they were created on purpose. The British pet was, from the 12th to the 18th century, used to fight bulls, with the aim of tenderizing the meat, and was developed with these wrinkles to prevent blood from falling into his eyes if he was injured.

French Bulldog Skills

The French bulldog will certainly make the home happy with its playful way, but it is also very alert and will signal with its bark of something is happening. And you can trust, this dog barks only when it is really necessary. Due to the name, we immediately imagine that this pet actually has a French origin, right? However, there are signs that its predecessors are English Bulldogs, crossed with hunting dogs of mice in the 19th century by textile workers in the country.


Around 1880 the pet gained its current appearance from the development made by merchants, wine merchants and butchers. Thus, he quickly became known to the working class, bourgeois and artists of Paris, becoming very famous in the country.


Initially, the French bulldog was a great help in the hunting of rats in establishments in Europe, but his charisma and cuteness made anyone wish to have him as a companion pet, a position maintained until today.


The first Frenchie dog in the United States had its appearance in 1896 during the Westminster Kennel Club Show and enchanted all the public, who nicknamed it “Frenchie”, used until today. In 1989, the American Kennel Club sponsored a large dog show exclusively for that breed.

French Bulldog look-alike

The French bulldog can easily be confused with Boston terrier dogs, but do you know the difference? Both are descendants of the English bulldog but the Boston Terrier is thinner, has longer legs and his ears are very pointed and soft.

Physical characteristics

The Bulldog has a very strong and compact body, with wrinkles on the head, which is square and robust. Its muzzle is flat and short, with open nostrils, its eyes are very visible and rounded, demonstrating its constant state of alertness, and so it is perceived by the erect ears.