Old Style Detox Shampoo – Marijuana Smoker Pass Hair Follicle Test


Marijuana or weed is one of the most abused prohibited drugs all over the world. It is even common to see someone with his friends and smoking in a corner. It is true that is said to be a medicinal plant, but people are using it wrongly. Due to this behavior, most countries did not allow it to be legalized. Though, we cannot also deny the fact that there are a few countries, where marijuana smoking is allowed. Today, no matter how much time and effort is given to fight the abuse, still, the users are unstoppable.

You should be aware that once you started using weed, you will start depending on it. Actually, you can abstain whenever you want to, but you will crave for it. Even some of those who have gone to the rehabilitation centers went back to their old ways. That’s how strong it is – no wonder why you got addicted to this plant. What will you do when you are ordered to take a hair follicle drug test? They are not after the UDT. Therefore, you have to use a detox shampoo that is specially manufactured for weed smokers and other illicit medications. Start reading reviews from while scouting for a good product.

When you are going for this hair follicle drug test, you have to be prepared. Since you cannot quit yet, it would be great, if you will try different cleansing methods to achieve the result that you are aiming for. Set your goal and do your best, which includes effort, time and determination. Well, I am sure that you will not let the result lead to a failure, right? Now, how do you think will this detox method help? Is it the only solution you have because substances or metabolites are in your hair and ample time is needed to clean it?

Understanding a Hair Follicle Drug Test

Do you know that drug detection is more accurate when your hair strand is used? Here, the experts need about 50 to 100 strands to investigate for THC content. Can you use someone’s specimen? This is impossible because they will be the one to cut it. Therefore, there is no way to replace this. Actually, they don’t care about how long or short your specimen would be. What they only need from you is about 1 and ½ inches from the new growth. This means that they only want the strands that is very close to your scalp.

How will this THC go to the follicle, anyway? Actually, after smoking marijuana, the THC goes to your bloodstream quite fast. During this time, the blood is also circulated throughout your whole body. This means that it will also go to the follicles because nutrients are supposed to be carried and passed to the cells. Since the THC content has entered your body, it will also go to the shaft and the experts will trace these elements through the shaft.

The hair grows slowly, right? Actually, the average growth is just a half inch per month. The reason why 1 ½ inches will be taken from you is due to the fact that the THC is best detected for up to 3 months after smoking. Can you manage not to smoke weed 3 months before going to this medical exam? I know this is not easy for a daily smoker. In my opinion, you really need to use detox shampoo products as well as the normal ones regularly to help in cleaning the drug metabolites.

How to succeed

Again, some of the metabolites that moved around your bloodstream are trapped in your follicles. Sooner or later, this hair will grow and get out of the follicles, leaving some THC content there. As a marijuana smoker, I suggest you to read more about this unwanted chemical and how it will affect your body system. If you would like to get rid of the THC, then open it and get the toxins off. Of course, you will not do this because it is, indeed, difficult and will ruin the strands – do not let this happen. So, what shall you do now for this detox method to be successful?

First, the cuticle must open up. Actually, this is the top most layer of every strand. It is composed of scales that will protect it from various sources to enter. Why will you use a detox shampoo? This solution will be in-charged with opening the cuticle and getting those scales off. When those scales are gone, the cuticle will be open and the solution will start doing its job.

And then, this formula must be able to clean the drug metabolites. This is actually possible, if this extra ordinary shampoo has a cleaning power that is capable of flushing away the toxins that are trapped in the cortex – the hard layer below the cuticle. I supposed, with this kind of function or feature, it has to be expensive and strong enough to fight toxins. But this solution must not destroy the natural beauty of each strand. You should be able to preserve it even with the use of detox shampoos.

More Helpful Tips

In the first place, you were asked for this kind of medical exam because it is more difficult to cheat with this method. Replacing your urine with a synthetic product is much easier, right? I guess, they are giving the examiners a really hard time. Though what the experts really consider here is the accuracy of the result.

Here, when you have just smoked weed recently, this may not be detected right away. But don’t be very confident because with this exam, your history or previous drug usage can be seen. Toxins are trapped for about 90 days. Of course, this is not true for everybody because the amount of left substances will also depend on how frequent you smoke and the quantity or consumption. Aside from that, the results may differ, depending on your lifestyle, activities, metabolism and weight.