How to Choose the Best Engagement Diamond Ring From Jewelry Stores in AZ

Buying an engagement diamond ring fromjewelry stores in AZmay cost you an arm and leg, but one of the most lasting memorable purchase you’ll ever make.
A basic understanding of diamonds assists you get a rock that fits your sweetheart’s finger and fall within your budget. Let’s look at factors to consider when choosing that diamond.

  1.  Quality

Several features of diamond such as clarity, carat weight, cut and color determine the price. The cut has a significant impact on its price while the carat weight and clarity comprise 20% of the entire cost. Often, clients focus on getting colossal jewelry instead of quality when making a purchase.

A diamond’s cut dramatically affects its sparkle. A low-carat diamond may appear huge if it has a nice cut. Consider buying a high cut grade that is within your budget. Some jewelry stores conceal the cut rating of diamond rings. It’s prudent to inquire before cutting yourself a deal.

Diamond color grade starts from D to Z. Diamonds beyond a J rating often display a yellow color. Most clients begin noting a difference in the jewelry between I-J grades. The diamond’s metal of the band affects its color.

  1.  Certification

In most places, renowned bodies such as the Gemological Institute of America and American Gem Society Laboratories certify diamonds. Some dealers claim their jewelry are “clean.” International systems such as the Kimberly Process Certification Scheme controls the sale of rough diamonds.
Consider buying a diamond ring that meets the scheme’s requirements. Also, it’s vital to get a proof of the diamond’s source from the dealer.

  1.  Payment

Some prominent jewelers partner with local banks to provide clients with affordable financing plans. You can open a savings account for a particular duration to earn a high-interest yield. In addition, you can purchase an engagement ring from some jewelry stores in AZ using a credit card.

However, some retailers offer a discount if you buy in cash. It’s crucial to ask about the dealer’s return policy. Most jewelers offer a return period of up to three months. Consider buying coverage for the diamond ring after buying it. You can include it in your homeowners’ insurance.

  1.  Shopping

Search for different jewelry stores in AZ to get a variety of price will enable you to pick a dealer with the best offer and high-quality rings. Ensure that their jewelry is certified. Buying a diamond ring and its band from different stores cuts down the total cost.

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