Fancy Dress Competition in Locality

Nowadays people of locality make small gathering to make more friends know each other better. As we all know that these days we are living in a nuclear family for our work or business. It is not possible to visit our native place on every occasion. Societies are built up; we are living in these societies. So this year the club members of society are going to organize a fancy dress competition on our premises. Following the trends, Marvel and Disney Black Widow costume is going to be the main attraction.

Social Gathering makes people more social

These days when people are always in a workaholic mood, they need some refreshment to break the monotony of life. In the world of digitization, we don’t know who are our neighbours but we people live thousands of kilometers far from us. This is not bad at all to some extent but we should definitely mix up people socially. These small gatherings are the only way to make ends meet with organizing small functions in society.

Good food, good friends

Gathering without good food is impossible. Here we can get to know many dishes of different cultures as we all here in the society with different of our country. Good food makes always makes good friends, Jokes apart. Anybody loves to cook these small gatherings are the place where you can showcase your hidden talents. As nobody knows this can make a profit for you as you can start a small business with your tasty food to get an order for small parties or kitty parties, anniversary parties, birthday parties.

Distributing Responsibility

The function is held in society. So the responsibility of arranging the things and collecting the deposit which made by the people all will be equally distributed among themselves. There are some aged people who are taking charge to supervise their inferiors. There are some middle-aged people who are going to arrange the decorations, to decide where to hold the function. So nobody will face any difficulty in case of emergency they to go out. The children’s group will decide if there are any other games to organize to make the function more lively. The food will definitely come from everyone’s kitchen as there are plenty of good chefs present in the society. There’s also an arrangement of cake to make this small function unforgettable.

The Main Attraction

The function main attraction means a fancy dress competition is incomplete without a beautiful and innovative dress. Some group of ladies took charge of rehearsing for the ramp walk for little boys and girls. Being trendy everybody wants to be dressed in Deadpool CostumeAs it makes something innovative lagging behind the traditional fancy dress.

Unforgettable ending

In the end, the small gathering makes a great success of meeting with new people making friends, knowing each other personally. There’s also small meeting that they should organize small gatherings sometimes often. Elders decided to appoint a yoga trainer, someone shows their handicraft work. All these meet up with a happy ending.