Fall in Love with the Exquisite Aroma and Flavors of Lisbon Specialty Dishes

Lisbon, Portugal is quite famous for its seafood. In addition to this, they are masters with their custard tarts and Portuguese cuisines.

For the Meat and Seafood Lovers

If you love cod fish, then you will definitely enjoy Bacalhau à bras. This is a Portuguese authentic dish made from dried and slated cod fish, pan fried with scrambled eggs and sliced potatoes and garnished with parsley and olives.

If you are booking with any Lisbon Food Tour companies during the All Saints week in June, they are sure to take you Lisbon street market that is filled with parties and music. Here you will find plenty of street vendors selling grilled Sardinhas or sardines.

If you are allergic to seafood, then you can try out their Piri Piri Chicken. This consists of grilled chicken seasoned with piri-piri sauce and served with salad or fries. If you want to enjoy a light snack, then you can indulge in Petiscos. These are small tatsy snacks which can be found in many of the Portuguese bars.

Another popular specialty of Lisbon is Queijo de Azeitão. This is a Portuguese cheese made from sheep milk and can be used with crackers or bread. You can even grab a quick bite of Bifana, which is a sandwich made from sautéed pork marinated in white wine.

If you are looking for something sweet and lip smacking, then you can try:

  • Travesseiros – This means ‘pillow’ in Portuguese and is a rectangular pastry stuffed with egg yolk, sugar and almonds
  • Pastéis de Nata – These are egg custard tarts made from golden puff pastries

Portuguese Popular Drinks

Some of the common Portuguese drinks that you do not want to miss out on include:

  • Ginja
  • Port Tonic

Ginja is liquor made from fermented ginga berries in brandy. It is popularly served as shots in many of the Portuguese bars. Port tonic is white port wine mixed with tonic water and garnished with a lime wedge.


Travel and at the same time fill your stomach with tasty foods. Create wonderful memories and carry the rich flavors of Portuguese back home.