Everything You Need to Know About Laptop Screen Replacement

Are you looking to have the screen of your laptop replaced?

Laptops have become even more popular since the pandemic started. More people have been using them to work and take their online classes from the comfort of their homes. The only problem here is that most of these users are new to laptops.

Most don’t realize how fragile laptops are, especially around the screen area. This causes them to crack or break their screens. If you’re among these people, then you may want to look out for laptop screen replacement services.

Before you make any decisions though, you may want to learn more about the costs of a screen replacement, if your screen is the real issue, and if you can do it yourself. Read what’s below to find out how you can do all these things.

Make Sure the Screen Is the Problem

The first thing you should always do is confirm whether your screen truly is the problem. If the screen has cracks or is mostly shattered, then you can safely assume that. Some issues don’t manifest in the external hardware though.

Most people assume that a screen that doesn’t show anything needs replacement. What most people realize is that there are other problems that cause a screen to be blank.

These problems are often found inside the laptop. The culprits often end up being your laptop’s motherboard or graphics card. It will be likely that your motherboard is the culprit, as it’s among the parts that are most likely to die out first.

To know whether these things or the screen is what’s broken, it’s best to hook your device up to a different monitor. You can even plug it into your television if you have an HDMI cable at the ready.

Turn your device on and connect it to the other screen. If there’s still no display, then consider having your motherboard or graphics card replaced. If it shows something on the second monitor, but nothing on your screen, then a laptop screen replacement is what you truly need.

How Much Does a Screen Replacement Cost?

How much you’ll end up spending on a professional repair job will depend on various factors. Most of the time, it all comes down to the brand of the laptop. This is because different brands will have different specs for the screens of their devices.

It can also come down to the type of screen that your laptop originally had. To learn more about the average costs of these repairs, continue reading what’s below.

LCD Screens

LCD screens are rarely used in the latest lines of laptops nowadays. They’re not as popular anymore because there are better options that produce better quality displays. Because of this though, LCD screen replacements are often on the cheaper side.

You’ll likely spend anywhere from $30-$100 when it comes to screen replacements. The biggest factor to consider will be the model of your laptop. If you have one of the latest ones though, you can expect even LCD replacements to reach up to $750.

LED Screens

LEDs are the more popular choice nowadays because of their sharper display. How much it will cost depends on the kind of LED screen your laptop had. Typical LED displays are often at the cheaper end because of how popular they are, costing you only $50-70.

OLED displays are a bit more expensive because of how complex they are. Their small parts make the replacement more meticulous. The additional costs of $75-100 reflect the labor that’s required for these screens.

AMOLED displays are among the most expensive because they have organic components inside. Typical AMOLED replacements can cost up to $250. If you’re sporting the latest models, it can cost up to $750 to have your screen replaced.

HP Laptop Screens

Starting off the pricing per brand, HP laptops set the bar low. This is because their brand is cost-effective and has a lot of spare parts available in every area.

As long as a model is still popular in the market, you should find a replacement with ease. It will also cost you only around $40, depending on the model. Flagship models often hike the price up to $200.

Dell Screens

Dell is a prestigious brand, making many people believe that their repair services will be expensive. However, their laptop screen repairs will only cost you around $40. Their newer models may jack the price up to $85 since they primarily use LED screens.

A high-end Dell laptop will cost you more though, since they often have AMOLED displays. You’ll end up paying around $250 for screen repairs in this case.

Lenovo Laptop Screens

Lenovo prides itself on having a laptop option for every type of person. The same rings true for their screens, having spares available for both LED and LCD screens. While they may not be the cheapest screens to have replaced, their prices are still great.

The cheapest you can get a screen replaced for is $60. Their latest models can cost you up to $350. If you’re curious about their line up, make sure to look at their selection to find what you’re looking for.

Acer Screens

Acer is another brand that prides itself on having a variety of options available. What’s great about them is that they still produce screens for their older models. They’ll do this as long as someone’s buying them on the market.

This ensures that you won’t have trouble finding the right screen for your laptop. $50 is the cheapest these replacements can go for. Some of their more popular models have a higher price tag though, often reaching $100.

Their latest models have a large screen resolution. This means that the replacement screen will cost you more. Combined with professional services, this can cost you up to $300.

Samsung Laptop Screens

Samsung isn’t a brand known for its laptops. However, the ones they make into their flagship models always become popular. This is the only reason the demand for their displays is still high.

What’s great about that is that it ensures there will always be a spare screen for sale in Samsung stores. Their replacement services start at $60. This is for their models that use the standard LED screens.

Their flagship models though will cost around $200. This is because they’re often more powerful and have a better display.

MacBook Screens

MacBooks are where prices tend to lean towards the higher end. This is more because of their brand than anything else.

The latest models in their line up can cost $300 at the lowest. They can even go as high as $500 if you have the latest model in the market.

Tools for DIY Laptop Screen Replacement

If you want to save some money, then replacing the screen on your own is the best way to go. How to replace a laptop screen by yourself though? You’ll need the right tools for the job.

The first thing you’ll need is a flat, stable surface to work on. You don’t want the surface to tilt from side to side while you’re working on it. It can cause you to slip and damage the internal parts of your laptop.

You’ll also need a small screwdriver to help remove the screws around the screen. It’s better if the screwdriver is magnetic so you don’t have to exert much effort into twisting the screws.

Another tool you’ll need is a hard, thin object like a putty knife. You’ll use this to lift up the bezels of the laptop. You can also use your finger, but it’s liable to damage your casing more than flat putty knives.

Steps for Replacing Your Screen

Now that you have the essential tools in order, the first thing you should do is power down the laptop. Doing this prevents any current from passing through your tools. It’s to stop it from shocking you and causing more damage to your device.

Next, remove the screws on the screen bezels. They’re often near the hinges and are often hidden by small stickers. Once unscrewed, pry the bezels away from the back of the screen case.

At this point, you should have a naked screen. It’s still connected to the metal frame of your laptop though. They’re often screwed in place by up to three screws on each side of the screen.

Once unscrewed, you should be able to lay it flat on your laptop’s keyboard. You’ll see something that’s attaching the screen to the device at the bottom. This is the connector, and it’s often secured by mild adhesives.

Remove the adhesives and tapes on it, and it should come off easily. You can then connect the new screen you have and set it back into your device. Once you’ve secured all the screws you removed, your new screen should be working upon startup.

Learn All About Laptop Screen Replacement Today

A damaged screen doesn’t mean that your laptop needs replacing. Learn all about laptop screen replacement and find out whether your problem is a quick fix, or needs a professional touch.

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