August 17, 2021


3 Proven Tips for Building a Personal Brand That Attracts Everybody

Did you know that 73% of consumers prefer brands that provide a personalized experience? To give your audience this, you’ll need to focus on branding yourself as an individual.

Creating a personal brand may sound like a challenge, but luckily it’s easy once you know what you’re doing. Read on for five tips that will help you grow your personal brand identity and form connections with customers.

1. Understand What Creating a Personal Brand Means

A personal brand is similar to a corporate brand in that you’re presenting an image to the world. It showcases who you are, what you stand for, what values you hold, and how you express your views and values.

This lets you form connections with potential employers, clients, and customers. The ultimate impact is a boost in your career because people tend to hire those who have a good reputation. If you have a well-cultivated personal brand, hirers will know that you’re a good fit for certain roles.

2. Define Who You Are and Your Prospective Legacy

Before you build a brand, you need to ask yourself a few questions:

  • What are your core professional values?
  • How do you uphold those values in the workplace?
  • What are your core personal values?
  • How do you uphold those values in your daily life?
  • What characteristics have people around you noticed about you in the past?
  • What areas do you excel in and what ones do you struggle in?
  • Do certain roles make you tired? What are they?
  • What roles make you feel energized and excited?

Answering these questions lets you know what your personal brand should look like. It’s important that you’re honest with yourself so that you remain authentic. If you aren’t truthful, you may wind up in a role that isn’t a good fit for you.

3. Build a Good Online Presence

Now you know how to create a brand personality that perfectly reflects you. Awesome! It’s time to begin making an online presence that potential employers and independent clients can’t resist.

First, look up how to remove images from Google search results. We all have some stuff on the internet that we’re not proud of. Get rid of any unprofessional pictures and eliminate anything that expresses political views.

You then should create social media pages on multiple platforms that reflect your brand. Post regular updates about things that you want professional connections to see. To become more memorable, design a personal logo and put it on your page.

You also need to make a well-optimized website of your own. Include images, video content, SEO-rich blog posts, and a resume. People will then know all that they need to when they Google your name.

Boost Your Own Image Today

Now that you have the best tips for creating a personal brand, it’s time to get started.

Check out the rest of our website for more information on presenting yourself to the world the right way. You may especially like to look at our ‘tech’ tab for more information on how to update your personal brand image online, so start browsing today!

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5 Important Components of Safe Gun Storage

Recent surveys indicate that nearly half of all Americans either own a gun or live with someone who owns a gun.

When you own a gun, you also take on a heavy responsibility. You have the freedom to protect yourself, and the responsibility to protect all who live in your home.

A large part of protection lies in how you choose to store your weapon. Failing to store your weapon properly can result in catastrophic results. A resident of your home could find it and use it improperly or a thief could find it and use it nefariously.

Either way, proper gun storage can avert disaster. Keep reading to learn five different concepts that affect gun storage.

1. Use a Gun Safe

When you purchase a gun, purchase a gun safe. Do not come home with that weapon unless you have a secure place to keep it. The top drawer of your clothing dresser does not qualify as a secure place.

Gun ownership carries the responsibility of keeping your gun away from your loved ones and thieves. A gun safe is your best option.

Begin with a fireproof gun safe. You want to keep your guns safe from people and the elements that can destroy them.

The best fireproof gun safe will be able to withstand temperatures up to 1,700 degrees Fahrenheit. It will also be able to hold out water.

A fireproof gun safe will also protect the people attempting to save your home. When fire hits ammunition, the ammunition explodes. Firemen will not enter a home if they know there is open ammunition.

So as you look for a gun safe, start with a fireproof one.

2. Engage Unique Locking Mechanisms

Once you’ve found a fireproof gun safe, look for a safe with a unique locking mechanism. You want a safe with a pry-resistant, solid steel door and high-strength locking mechanism. Burglars should have to work hard to try to get to your gun.

The safe should also have a soft foam interior to protect your guns from dents and scratches.

Best of all, good safes will come with unique locking mechanisms. Newer safes now come with biometric fingerprint scanners. This helps you access your safe with one finger.

Often the safe will have an electronic keypad and backup keys as well.

Some safes will come with a security card rather than a fingerprint scanner or a keypad. The card will look like a credit card, and you just have to swipe it across the scanning area for the safe to open.

3. Keep It Accessible But Secure

Keep your safe secure with the unique locking mechanism but also accessible. You want your safe in a place that you can react quickly should you need to access your gun immediately.

Certainly, you want to keep your guns secure from children and thieves. But you also want your guns accessible should a would-be intruder make their way into your home.

After all, you purchase your gun to keep your family safe. How safe can you keep them if you’re fiddling around with a key to open the lockbox?

Some gun safes make accessibility simple. They mount the gun in the safe so you just need to reach in and slide the gun out.

A good gun safe allows you to keep your gun in an accessible place with peace of mind knowing you have a secure lock.

4. Buy the Right Size

If you have a single pistol, you may believe that a small gun safe will do. Make sure you purchase a safe large enough to hold what you have and what you will have.

Think ahead about home security and if you have a loved one in the home. A scattergun or shotgun works effectively for the ill-trained would-be protector of a home. You just point and shoot, and you will hit something.

But it does no good to have a long gun if you do not have secure firearm storage for it.

Firearm safety involves more than gun storing and gun securing. You should also secure and store your ammunition. Purchase a gun safe big enough to keep your ammunition as well as your gun.

More modern gun safes have features like ammunition storage areas. The safe will keep the ammunition at an ambient and safe temperature as well.

5. Buy the Right Look

Not all gun safes look the same. Some are small, briefcase-like safes with a tiny combination lock on the end. Others house long-barrel guns and look like tall, massive safes.

If you have a couple of pistols, you have the option of having a gun safe that doesn’t look like a safe at all. Some companies have worked hard to create gun safes that are aesthetically pleasing as well as functional.

The best gun safe will be accessible and secure, and it will have enough aesthetic camouflage that intruders and visitors won’t even know it’s a gun safe.

When you camouflage your gun safe, you prevent gun accidents. After all, accidents cannot occur if the gun is secure.

Safe Gun Storage Matters

Experts are reporting a record high of gun-related deaths and accidents in recent years. Guns have long created factions of pro-gun and anti-gun groups. Regardless of where you stand, all would agree that proper gun storage makes a difference.

When you look at proper gun storage, begin with a gun safe. Look into something secure with unique locking mechanisms. Then put that safe in an accessible place for you but not necessarily for all parties in your home.

You can do your part to reduce gun violence while maintaining your freedom to protect your family by storing your gun properly. You also will protect your gun, yourself, and your loved ones by following these basic tips.

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