August 12, 2021


A Quick Guide to the Different Types of Industrial Caster Wheels

The invention of the wheel revolutionized humankind. And the invention of the caster revolutionized the wheel.

Casters are a type of wheel built with a mount that is designed to make moving dollies, carts, and heavy equipment easier. Industrial caster wheels are used from everything from small carts to manufacturing assembly lines.

Understanding how a caster works can help you navigate the many options that they come in.

To know which caster is best for your needs, here is a quick guide to the most common types.

Rigid Caster Wheels vs. Swivel Caster Wheels

Rigid casters, also known as stationary or fixed casters, are mounted so that they only roll in a straight line.

This limits the maneuverability of rigid casters. However, rigid casters are usually built stronger than swivel casters and can handle higher weights.

A swivel caster can spin a full 360 degrees, allowing it to turn in all directions. This maneuverability can be a problem as they require all wheels turned in the right direction before moving the cart.

Keeping the cart on a straight path for long distances can also be a challenge with swivel casters.

Track Wheels

Two types of wheels are made for use with a track (such as an assembly line): v-groove and flanged wheels.

V-groove casters have a groove in the center of the wheel and are designed mainly for use on tracks. But they can also roll across smooth surfaces when not mounted on a track.

V-groove wheels are strong and a good choice for heavy loads.

Flange wheels are built similar to a train wheel. They have a raised edge that keeps them on the track.

Flange wheels are designed for use on steel tracks for maximum efficiency.

Materials and Dimensions of Industrial Caster Wheels

Casters come in a variety of sizes as well as materials and choosing the right caster can make a difference in the function and durability of your equipment.

Wheel material can range from soft rubber to cast iron steel. Your needs should dictate what type of material you choose. In general, wheels made from harder materials will be easier to move and be more durable.

On the flip side, wheels made with softer materials tend to have a more comfortable and quieter roll because they have less vibration. They are also easier on floor surfaces.

When considering size, in general, wheels with a larger diameter and width have less resistance, roll quieter, and can usually carrier heavier loads.

However, wheels with a greater diameter can be less stable because of the higher center of gravity.

After deciding on the perfect caster wheel for your needs, you can buy industrial casters at

Use, Ease, and Durability

As you can see, there are plenty of options for industrial caster wheels.

Knowing the basics of caster construction, caster types, and wheel uses can help you find just the industrial caster wheel perfectly suited for your needs.

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How To Choose a Bong

Did you know that simply using a bong every now and then, it seems, may have little to no detrimental effects on the health of your lungs?

So, whether you’re lighting up occasionally or thinking of a more regular setup, you’re probably choosing the best method for you.

Really, how to choose a bong is a personal choice and mostly about your own preferences but there are certain things you should keep in mind. Keep reading to learn about the different types of bongs there are and how that helps you make a decision.

What Is A Bong?

Let’s have a little look at exactly what a bong is and where it came from.

It seems that somewhere in history the bong originated in the Asian part of the world. The word itself is based on the Thai word, “baung”, which is a bamboo pipe used for smoking.

Nowadays, bongs are slightly more complicated than a simple shoot of bamboo, but they all do the same thing for those who wish to smoke them.

Here’s how they work:

Although they came in different shapes and sizes, the basic process is the same with a bowl and a chamber. The sole purpose of a bong is to filter and cool the smoke that comes as a result of burning marijuana.

How To Choose A Bong

One simply has to google the word ‘bong’ to be inundated with all sorts of shapes, colors, and varieties of bongs for sale. It’s no wonder it can be confusing when you’re figuring out how to choose a bong.

The first thing you’re going to want to consider is size.

You’ll come across three sizes, and here are the most noteworthy characteristics to think about when choosing your bong:

  • Mini bongs can be held in one hand, they’re the best for portable use
  • Medium bongs are great for regular use, it’s not discreet but it does the job
  • Big bongs are for more experienced smokers, they’re held in two hands and can deliver a smoother inhaling experience

It’s totally up to you which you decide to go with, try and think about your usage and what’s going to suit your lifestyle best.

Bong Materials

Bongs can be made of different materials which all have their own pros and cons. Ultimately, some allow for greater individuality whilst others focus on functionality.

The four material categories are as follows:

  • Glass bongs reputedly deliver the purest smoking experience
  • Acrylic bongs come in fun design options and are almost indestructible
  • Ceramic bongs are durable and robust
  • Silicone bongs are customizable, come with a fair price tag, and are durable

Once again, your choice really needs to suit your own personal taste and preference while taking the above notes into consideration. Bong price can vary, so ensure you factor that into your decision too.

Bang On With Your Bong!

From price to materials to characteristics and design, there’s a lot to consider when it comes to selecting your next bong, or even your first!

So you’ve figured out how to choose a bong, where to from here?

Bong smoking is made with one thing in mind, and the fact is it’s for smoking marijuana. Have you ever wondered what weed can do for your health?

Head on over to the health section of our blog to find out more.

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