August 2017


Unique Corporate Gifts

Gifts make everyone happy. They create a welcoming feeling of warmth and appreciation amongst the people. From giving gifts to the family and friends to now giving gifts to employees from their employers has become a trend too. They are a sign of good relationship between both the employers and the employee and help in keeping a healthy environment in an organisation. This is the very reason corporate gifting has boosted itself and companies today acknowledge their team for the efforts. Corporate gifts given to employees, clients, and partners during festivals or on special occasions of a company helps establish a mutual relationship of trust. Employees feel appreciated and while the clients develop credibility. Both of them helps in smoother functioning of the company.

Though gifting calendars, diaries, pens seem to be the obvious gifts, if you, as an employer or in charge are searching for unique this time, then the internet is the right place to find something other than the ordinary ideas which almost every company follows. Thus, unique corporate gifting can be what distinguishes you from other contemporary organisations and makes your employers and clients feel good about working with you.

Yes, corporate gifting has always been associated with gifting above mentioned things. However, today, the trend is changing. The essence of this gifts is to make the employee feel cared for. And gifting unique and personalized gifts definitely does that for you.  

Online portals now boost of these awesome gifts. Corporate gifts for employees are a dedicated part of these websites. With many unique and creative gifts available online, corporate gifting has reformed to become creative and more employee centric.

Diwali is making its way and the market has already started boosting of Diwali corporate gifts online. Table clocks, company specific water bottles, planners, mobile stands, coffee mugs, etc are turning out to be informal choices for the upcoming festivals. Clients too look forward to a personal gesture beyond dozen of paperwork. Sending your clients decorative lamps which are quirky yet sophisticated in their appearance, or a product that has a special connection between your client and your company and certainly what this gifting talks about.  

Also, taking care of employees’ health by the management is the utmost gesture of care. Thus, as an employer, gifting them something that reminds them to care for themselves are most heart-touching choices. It shows that a company considers their workforce’s health their priority and is sought after to taking care of them while they give their hundred percent. Water bottles, anti strain tools, hammocks, organizers, etc thus make nice choices.

So, just like Diwali sparks the excitement of homecoming, your presents to your team would make them anticipate their Diwali with the company. They would work harder, efficiently and with complete determination for the greater good of the company, which without a doubt would be their present to you!

Browse through the online shopping stores and grab some unique corporate gifts for your team. If you don’t know where to look, go to for a wide corporate gift collection.

Happy Gifting!

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TOP 5 Places to Enjoy in Iceland

The land of the Northern Lights and the Midnight Sun is one of the most enchanting places to visit. It’s a land of breathtaking beauty. The words are a tad difficult to describe, but the people are nice and the greatest movie watchers in the world.

Reykjavik is the capital of Iceland. This island was first settled in 874 AD. The Vikings who settled here gave the nation its name, Iceland, to prevent their neighbors from being envious and coveting it.

Before we go on, did you know that most of the denizens believe in elves? Well, that may seem farfetched to us, but the land with no forests has an alluring, mystical hue. Perhaps we’d believe in elves, too, if we lived there. The temperature is ideal, not too cold, and not too hot. By the way, there are no mosquitoes.

What are the places you must see when you manage to come to this island? Let’s explore the most beautiful of them.

Snæfellsnes Peninsula

It is a peninsula in the western Iceland and usually referred to as miniature Iceland because it contains many natural attractions and national wonders. One of the symbols of Iceland, Snæfellsjökull volcano, can be also found here. Its glacier is one of the main things you should see. From here you can take a boat tour to see the seal colonies.

Volcano Hekla

This volcano has erupted twenty times in Iceland’s history. As the flames and smoke settled, many theories of a diabolical nature appeared. It was even deemed to be an earthly purgatory!

In total, it has produced more lava than any other volcano in human history. It may not be the gates to hell, as some of the theories posited. One thing we are sure of is that it will take your breath away. It is located 30 kilometers north of Landmannalaugar (“The people’s pools”).

Skaftafell National Park

The landscape is pristine and its beauty is probably unequalled anywhere in the world. It stretches over 4800 square meters. It’s an amalgam of a desert, rivers, and a birch wood. Visitors and locals often use this area as a campground during summer.

Jokulsarlon Lagoon Circle

Here you can watch huge icebergs gliding by on the tranquil lagoon and seals swim with languid confidence. You will see numerous majestic, bluish mountains around you. Nature is so refreshing here. The sights fill one with awe. It’s the main tourist attraction. It is located about 60 kilometers east of Skaftafell.


This is the most popular hiking destinations in the country. It was named after the Norse god Thor. Thórsmörk nestles between two glaciers, tree rivers, and is surrounded by fern, moss and birch wood. A lot of caves and canyons abound here. If you love hiking, you will be blown away.

The above mentioned places are just a few ones you must see. They will leave you speechless, because Iceland is a unique island with stunning nature. If you have not visited Iceland yet, you’ve never seen anything like it before. Think about car rental Reykjavik services, accommodation, and food in advance to make your visit even more memorable.

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Trips: selfies and memorabilia

Back in 2010, selfies were an unknown term. With the growing market of technological development and release of newer selfie-friendly phones, selfies have taken a new definition. Because taking your photo from your front camera of your phone wasn’t enough, people take ‘groupfies’ too. Not one or two, an entire gang poses for a photo with their pearls shining, glaring into the camera sheepishly.

Trips are incomplete without selfies, and every photo talks bundles about any trip that is made and every outing with friends or family. Trips are redefined by memories capture in lenses. Memories are made and archived in our hearts forever.

Too much of anything is obviously not encouraged. The same applies for pictures too. There is a limit to which one can take selfies in various location, sports, angles, and people. Beyond this threshold, it gets monotonous and most definitely irritating.

The company:

According to me, the trip largely depends on the company we go with. A cranky lot of friends who are non-adjusting and keep complaining make for an awkward gang to go on a trip with. The smaller the group, the better it is. This would mean lesser number of people to keep count of, the smaller number of people screaming, more small arguments but one thing remains constant. If the trip comprises of a significant group of individuals who are our closest friends, all the points as mentioned earlier are perhaps ignorable. We focus more on making beautiful memories and cherish them, ignoring all the small blips in the journey.

Our companion in our trips can comprise of friends or family members. Either way, one should make sure to make the most out of it. For some people, especially youngsters, a trip with family may not sound as attractive as one with our friends. But I feel that is very wrong. With growing age, we learn the value of our family and the unending love they give us. Friends turn into family and family into our best-est friends. Only trips and vacations make us realize, that we may have everything in our life, except for time. The time that a voyage gives us, with our closed ones is incomparable.

Capturing every moment:

A trip should always include a Polaroid camera, or any other easy to carry the device and good portable speakers.

This wonderful tiny camera gives me hundreds of beautiful memories which one will always cherish. It repeatedly reminds one, why they would never say no to a trip and the opportunity to spend a few valuable moments with their close ones.

Trips are incomplete without collections. Every place one visits, they should carry an essence back with them. Some people do it only through photos, some belief in purchasing knick knacks from local shops. For some people, bringing a bit of the local raw condiments for cooking is an interesting thing. It varies from person to person, and place to place. A trip may not last forever, but its memories will. Glancing at the old clock one purchased from a tiny village shop in North London may bring back ample of memories. It creates curiosity in unknown minds. Maybe the person buying it bought it out passion, or maybe there was a memory attached to it. Or maybe it was just a collectible. One won’t know unless they’re told. Thousands of stories to tell, and only a few ears to hear!

However silly the idea of selfies maybe, it is addictive. Now, Instagram has become a gallery for these selfies. Millions of people across the globe use these apps and post several selfies with their favourite people. It is more of a trend than a memory to cherish. I do it too, but I feel that going through those pictures later refreshes memories and brings a smile to my face whenever I follow the drill.

It depends on people how they want to cherish their memories whether it is by posting photos on social media or keeping it to themselves. I have friends who spam my social media with selfies, I might not be doing the same, but I will not discourage the idea. It is up to them after all.

In short, every trip, whether it is a small or a big, it should be cherished to the maximum. Such little things in life fill the heart with contentment. Enjoy it while you can, time more than anything is precious.

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Custom Blinds in Vancouver

When searching for a new look for your home, sometimes big box stores just don’t cut it. You are different and unique, and how you decorate expresses that unique taste. Custom blinds and window coverings can brighten up, darken, or add that piece of flair to a room that was missing before.

Why Should I Get Custom Blinds, And Where Do I Start?

Your window coverings deserve to be as unique as you are. But it could be a full-time job, trying to keep up with what’s trendy and new. Start with a custom blinds Vancouver retailer whose staff is trained to keep up on the newest in tech and function, and see what a difference custom window covering can make. Brite Blinds has professionals to help you pick the perfect window coverings for your home. Since 1988, Brite Blinds has built their business on quality, service, and dependability, winner an A+ BBB award and a consumer choice award. With a lifetime warranty and free consultations, you’ll never worry about quality or durability.

What Types of Brite Blinds Are Available?

Locally manufactured and built with the highest quality parts, Brite Blinds products are 100% guaranteed for life. Types available are:

  • Faux Wood – Get the look and feel of wood, with the durability of vinyl.
  • Real Wood – The grain on this wood will cause envy with the finest stains and varnish.
  • Roller Shades – With a wide array of colors and fabrics, control the light and feel of your room.
  • Venetian – This classic window covering is both beautiful and functional.
  • Vertical – With so many fabrics and colors to pick from, decorating has never been so fun.
  • Motorization – Create a new mood with the touch of a button!

Why Choose Brite Blinds?

With a 23,000-square foot factory in Burnaby, your blinds will be made locally. After 27 years of proudly serving British Columbia and over 550,000 blinds sold, Brite Blinds has the experience to stand behind a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. Brite Blinds has window coverings to meet any unique need, and also offers installation, repairs, and cleaning for both residential and commercial customers.

Brite Blinds is committed to quality. No cutting corners or shady knockoffs. Not only do they sell unique, custom window coverings, but they will install, repair, and clean them! With a lifetime warranty and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee, if you ever have a problem, Brite Blinds will always make it right.

You can search for hours and days and weeks for the perfect blinds online. Or, you can drop by or book a visit with a Brite Blinds specialist, who can help you navigate the wide world of window coverings, and find custom blinds to meet your unique needs. From there, they’ll give you a recommendation that will best suit your needs – a FREE recommendation based on YOUR budget, YOUR tastes, and YOUR lifestyle. Call 604-245-4906 or visit for custom blinds Vancouver today.

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10mg Deschloroketamine, a milligram scale, a rectal syringe.

10mg Deschloroketamine, a milligram scale, a rectal syringe.. 

It started with a wonder of current administration! I had requested 500mg O-PCM with a merchant and had settled on a mail benefit.

The seller let me realize that he had recently dropped that mail benefit since it was wasteful and rather had sent my bundle with a super costly dispatch administration, and this with no additional cost to me deschloroketamine.

Individuals! 25 hours after the messenger got that bundle, it touched base at my entryway.

It had voyage 4 Nations at a normal speed of more than 50 miles 60 minutes!

Consider ME Awed!

I measured it, it was 10mg overweight.

I took a sensitivity test then initially took 15mg, at that point 25mg (40mg rectal aggregate in 60 minutes) and continued to get high.

You cannot get high on ketamine rectally unless you utilize crazy measurements, yet with DCK/O-PCM it worked fine and dandy.

Folks I have attempted:








Noisy AND CLEAR: 0-PCM is my Most loved dissociative, after MXE and before O-PCE.

This stuff is Great.

It has the sedation of Ketamine yet the punching energy of O-PCE. Its like a many more soothing MXE or a li’l stimulant O-PCE.

Visuals are RICH. This is Holey stuff. The beginning calls. At another time saw I OEV twists to the size than now with the O-PCM.

I continued utilizing dosages from 15-30mg and all inbetween.


The stuff came as yellowish course gems, coarse like granulated sugar.

I went from twelve to morning, quit dosing around 10 AM was still bounty inebriated when I hit the sack at 23:30.

I would state its half as solid as O-PCE and twofold as solid as MXE.

Its a harder medication than MXE, less lenient of high measurements. I’d Prefer not to measurement too high on this.

I had such delightful otherworldly encounters, it has the full profound lavishness of MXE.

This was what Ketamine endeavored to do with me however neglected to, in light of the fact that I needed to grunt it. This one can be taken oral and rectal so theres no measurement limitations.

It was so delightful at a few times, made me cry.

Enchantment happened.

I cherish it. Not as much as MXE but rather this one could fulfill me asc as MXE on the off chance that I didnt have any.

I had a decent legitimate poo today, I sat tight for that in composing that report, since it was said it is an anti-toxin. On the off chance that it was I would have been not able pass a stool because of mass microbial demise in the insides, none of that, it doesnt seem any more anti-microbial than O-PCE or MXE rectally.

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